Čakovec Castle: The Zrinski Family's Renaissance Stronghold!



Čakovec Castle or Zrinski Castle is a castle in Čakovec, northern Croatia. It is situated at an altitude of 170 m. The castle is located in Zrinski Park, not far from the city's central square. It was built in the 13th century by Count Dimitrius Csáky, after whom the city of Čakovec is named. It was later owned by many other notable families, including the House of Lacković, the Counts of Celje as well as the House of Ernušt, House of Zrinski, House of Feštetić and others. The castle is the biggest fortification in Međimurje County. It was the scene of the Zrinski-Frankopan conspiracy, a significant event in the history of Croatia. The castle's main palace is now the site of the Međimurje Museum, the biggest museum in the county, and its atrium is also used as an outdoor theatre during the summer months.