aerial photography

  1. bigelvis01

    Has anyone bought the drone from freefly system?

    I'm interested in buying a drone from freefly system, but I didn't get reply from them, is anyone of one bought before? any thoughts?
  2. bigelvis01

    Look the new drone I bought for aerial photography

    Thought it would be interesting to share the my new drone with you and discuss, it has max load of 50kg, have you guys seen this design before?
  3. bigelvis01

    The best film aerial photography

    Recently, I just got a email from a guy, he said that his drone is the best cinema drone so far, have you guys seen this before?
  4. K

    UAV becomes an important device for traffic patrol

    It is understood that many countries including China and Canada have already launched drone air patrols and participated in highway traffic management. The drones focus on traffic violations such as emergency lane parking and big car occupation. UAV patrol duty is mainly used for aerial...
  5. D

    For Sale Ultimate Complete Aerial Photography Kit: Freefly Alta 8, MoviPro, Teradek, with all supporting gear

    For sale is a complete RTF heavy lift aerial photography kit, including all components necessary to operate in a set environment. All gear was purchased in mid 2018 to mid 2019. Total investment was north of $52,000. The centerpieces are the Freefly Alta 8 and MoviPro Aerial Bundle. Gear was...
  6. BillM-RC

    JJRC X6 Aircus review - 5G WIFI FPV GPS w/ 1080P Camera on a Two-Axis Gimbal

    Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts JJRC X6 Aircus review. This JJRC X6 Aircus 5G WIFI FPV Double GPS with 1080P Wide Angle Camera on a Two-Axis Self-Stabilizing Gimbal Quadcopter drone review includes unboxing, inspection, features, functions, setup, app, camera, gimbal, fpv range, indoor...
  7. A

    Guidance on good stable flight controller for quad intended for Photography

    Hello Dear all Would be starting building quad will be using it only for photography.Kindly guide me which flight controller is good with no frills so it's cheap to purchase
  8. BillM-RC

    NEW Mobius Maxi Actioncam review - 2.7k camera

    Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts NEW Mobius Maxi camera review. This Mobius Maxi 2.7k Actioncam review includes unboxing, overview, features, functions, settings, various test clips & an aerial video from a quadcopter drone.
  9. KAP Jasa

    Old school vs. Hi-Tech

    Friday easy read - about the subtle differences doing aerial photography with an old-school kite, or with a hi-tech drone. Article on Medium. With some aerial photos, of course! ;-)
  10. KAP Jasa

    An article on aerial photography - from a kite

    There is an article on Medium I'd like to share with you: A View from a kite. It's about the hows and whys about kite aerial photography; how it compares with drones and other aerial photography platforms, some experience, info and tips. Hope you find it interesting ... ;-)
  11. BillM-RC

    MJX C4022 Panoramic 360 FPV camera review

    Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts MJX Bugs C4022 Panoramic 360 FPV Camera review. This takes realtime 720p HD 360 degree panoramic video while flying wifi FPV too.
  12. sophia lee

    What do Drones, LiDAR Mean for Aerial Surveying, Mapping?

    Now is a special time for geospatial service providers. Many call it as important a time in the history of geospatial technology as the introduction of geographic information systems (GIS). Arguably, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and 3D data acquisition tools are undergoing some of the most...
  13. BillM-RC

    New Product WLToys Q696-D review - 5MP HD Camera 2-axis Gimbal Air Press Altitude Hold RC Quadcopter

    Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts WLToys Q696-D review. This 5MP HD Camera 2-axis Gimbal Air Press Altitude Hold RC Quadcopter is also quite robust with very bright lights. quad Night Flight
  14. N


    #drone #photography come be fun and artistic too. It all depends on some small but important factors. Our drone experts got together to compile a few simple points that can help to ensure you get the most awesome and artistic photos from your DJI Mavic Pro drone. Follow these simple tips and...
  15. T

    For Sale Complete 3 Axis GHT Gimbal with Alexmos dual IMU

    Complete 3-axis gimbal by Grouse House Technologies. Listing Includes: GHT EZ Gimbal for Mirrorless Cameras (incl. pitch motor) iFlight Basecam SimpleBGC 32 bit (Alexmos) controller, version 3 (has both frame and camera IMUs, bluetooth module) Gimbal mount (2 axis + 3rd axis upgrade; incl. yaw...
  16. D

    For Sale DJI S1000 Super Package

    Spreading Wings S1000, DJI A2 Flight controller, gimbal Zenmuse Z15-5D III (HD), DJI lightbridge, Futaba 14SG Receiver for Pilot, Futaba T10J Receiver for camera operator, FPV Kit, Hyperion EOS 0720I super DUO charger, chargery 60amp power supply, Fatshark FPV 700TVL Camera, 2 batteries Tattu...
  17. J

    Meet uSense, an affordable multispectral camera for drones

    As you, we are passionate about drones and agricultural applications. At the moment, we have developed a low-cost camera that would let you know about health of plants and crops through NDVI multispectral analysis. The good news is that we will launch it by a crowdfunding project in...