UAV becomes an important device for traffic patrol

Kirk KK

It is understood that many countries including China and Canada have already launched drone air patrols and participated in highway traffic management. The drones focus on traffic violations such as emergency lane parking and big car occupation.

UAV patrol duty is mainly used for aerial photography to observe road traffic congestion and capture traffic violations. According to the traffic police who used the professional training of the UAV in the early stage, within the scope of the radiation coverage of the drone, it can be said where to shoot, and all kinds of violations of traffic rules and road safety can not escape its law. The trajectory of all vehicles and the number plate of the vehicle can be taken very clearly. For some motor vehicles that do not follow the prescribed lanes, illegal lanes for illegal lanes, and emergency lanes, they can be captured, providing strong evidence for the traffic police department to be punished according to law; and capturing and exposing some illegal activities such as retrograde vehicles. Elimination of blind spots in road enforcement.

It is reported that most of the traffic police departments in China currently use the most advanced UAV monitoring equipment, including the Thyea Z40 HD zoom head and the Cirrutitan detachable tether system independently developed by MMC UAV. The Z40 camera pan/tilt is custom-made with a 40x optical zoom lens with a pixel count of 25 million. Even in the air, the inside of the car and the cab can be clearly seen. The Cirrutitan detachable tether system is designed to deliver power to the drone for long periods of time in the air, enabling the drone to perform 24-hour flight monitoring in the air.