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  • HI
    I am new to RC and need some help. I have had problems setting up what i am running
    ( Tarot 680 Hex Pro, Fysky Taranis x9d TX, X8R Receiver, APM 2.6 with uBlox GPS with Compass
    and Mode 2 USA ) I am now using an EEPE file I got from friend that works but some settings don't.
    That is why I would like to find a eepe file that someone is using on their Hex. Maybe they will share
    the file with me. If it works for them it will for me as well with the equipment as I have.

    Configed like this on the APM and Receiver CH1 Thr, CH2 Ail, CH3 Ele, CH4 Rud
    I would like to have an EEPE file I can FLY (with Sounds)
    Modes RTL, Alt Hold, Stabilize, Land, Loiter And Maybe Auto, Acro, Circle and Sport

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
    Johnny Moritz
    Spring, Texas USA
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