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    Connecting Drone to WiFi signal

    Glad to here it!
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    My quad flew away. Bad transmitter??

    What transmitter were you using?
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    Neaerly crashed again. Must be the transmitter.

    Futaba is a great choice for a replacement!
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    Cannot connect to wifi

    Cool glad you figured it out.
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    hello everyone

    What drone are you flying?
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    Maybe try this one- HERE
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    Multiple channel issue

    You need to go into the radio can reverse your channels and in some cases change your end points.
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    Discussion Help with ar drone 2 please

    Look at -
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    Discussion Help with ar drone 2 please

    What drone do you have?
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    Discussion Creating rotorless drone

    EDF fans will work but draw to many amps for any real advantage.
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    Ultra heavy multirotor frame

    What's your budget?