Need Help! ZLRC Sg906 Beast

Jamie Schrader

New Member
Hello all,
I am having issues with my brand new ZLRC SG906 Beast. I can connect, fly, display video on my phone and everything else. My problem is the camera will move up and down with the tilt buttons but will not angle up all the way. In fact it only goes about 50% towards the top. It is supposed to be able to do fpv but will not. I want to fly at lower altitudes but it is so bad that you can only fly it when looking at the drone itself. Looking at the screen you have no idea where you are going or what may be in front of you. Please help!! If I remove the camera from the body it moves free all the way up. If I have it up and put in back in the drone it stays up until I unlock the drone for flight and then it automatically drops back down. When trying to tilt up and down it moves with the controller buttons as well as the slider in the app. However stops going up around 50%.