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Zero UAV ZeroUAV YS-X4 Owners Thread

Discussion in 'General Drone Manufacturer Discussion' started by robone, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. robone

    robone Member

    Posted by robone, Nov 21, 2012 #1
    I thought I would add this here so we can separate the two systems:

    Product Overview:
    The YS-X4 FC is a continuation of the zeroUAV product innovation, practical, simple style and using a highly integrated IMU control board
    The new All in one design is stylish appearance, has a full metal texture with free navigation, guidance and point navigation, point lock features, while supporting a variety of terminal ground stations and adapt to all kinds of frames.
    The Ground Control Station comes free with any of the systems purchased and is available in Android or PC versions
    Wifi Version
    1 Auto (Takeoff/ Go Home/Landing)
    2 Target Lock & Fly encircle (Both ground station and RC Transmitter can control &
    No limitation)
    3 Click/Touch & Fly To Point (Unlimited times, 30 meters Point to Point max, 20 sec
    wait per completion for next point)
    4 Realtime Flight status (Google Earth Map)
    5 Auto-Navigation(4 waypoints + 200m Diameter Max)
    6 Fail/Safe (Auto Hover–Go home–Landing)
    7 Low Voltage Alert
    8 Gimbal Stabilization
    9 Flight Control Mode(GPS Atittude Mode/ Atittude Mode/ Manual Mode)
    10 Wifi Module
    11 Built-in Damper Module
    12 Optional S-BUS/Ordinary/PPM Receiver
    13 Carefree
    14 Follow Me
    15 Intelligent Motor Arm/Disarm

    Navigator Version
    1. Features as per Wifi version
    2. Target Lock & Fly encircle (No limitation)
    3. Click/Touch & Fly To Point (No limitation)
    4. Auto-Navigation (8Waypoints + no range limitation )

    Basic Characteristics:
    Supports multi-rotor aircraft type
    +4, X4 type Quad
    +6, X6, Y6, Rev Y6 type rotor
    +8, X8, V8 Octo (unavailable for Gimble)

    Recommended remote control
    PCM or 2.4GHz
    At least 6-channel or 8-channel
    Failsafe and support all channels

    Supports ESC with a 400Hz refresh rate
    Recommended type of power: 3S ~ 6S lithium polymer battery
    Power consumption : Maximum 2.5W
    Operating ambient temperature : -5 ° C to +60 ° C
    Assistant Software system requirements: Android / Windows XP sp3 / Windows 7
    Flight characteristics
    Hover precision (GPS mode)
    Vertical direction: ± 1m
    Horizontal direction: ± 2m
    Maximum tilt angle 35 °
    Wind resistance <8m / s (17.7mph)
    Maximum vertical speed 6m / s

    1 WIFI module X1
    2 main control board (MC + IMU) X1 (Black / Silver)
    3 GPS module X1 (Black / Silver)
    4 Power Module X1
    5 LED lights X1
    6 GPS bracket X1
    7 Steering gear of wiring X8
    8 USB cable X1
    9 Warranty Card X1
    10 Stickers X1
    11 cable labels X1

    Bluetooth is available as an optional extra
  2. robone

    robone Member

    Posted by robone, Nov 21, 2012 #2
    Some of us are going to be having two ZeroUAV systems. ZeroUAV support have told us how we can link the two systems to one router. Not tested yet, but as soon as I get my YS-X4, I will.
    To set the Router up so that you can use one router with a number of Auto Pilots:
    Say you want to use one router with a YS-X6 and a YS-X4

    The wifi of ys-x4 default work mode is router , that mean it need use with the router . the SSID :ZERO-TECH password: 82890430 so you need setup the router : SSID and password the same as the ys-x4 wifi mode .
    Then you need change the wifi mode of ys-x6 .
    If the led of wifi mode is blue , that you need use the router , to change the wifi SSID and password .
    If the led of wifi mode is red , that you can use the wifi config software, see below, to change the wifi SSID and password.
    Then you can use one router .

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  3. Kari

    Kari Member

    Dec 18, 2011
    Espoo, Finland
    Posted by Kari, Nov 26, 2012 #3

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  4. mongo

    mongo lost soul

    Posted by mongo, Dec 1, 2012 #4
    aanybody happen to know, who the dealer for zero stuff in the US is. maybe even have a link?
  5. Pjtyros

    Pjtyros Member

    May 18, 2011
    Bournemouth UK
    Posted by Pjtyros, Dec 3, 2012 #5
    Subscribed, I will be interested to see how this compares to the Naza gps.
  6. vulcan2go

    vulcan2go Member

    Oct 7, 2012
    Posted by vulcan2go, Dec 3, 2012 #6
  7. robone

    robone Member

    Posted by robone, Dec 3, 2012 #7
    I have just connected the YS-X4 wifi module to the same router used for the YS-X6

    So while it is still fresh in my mind, let me try and tell you what I did.

    I connected to my router using the SSID for the YS-X6 that I have. Found this to be the easier solution.

    Changed the SSID on the router to ZERO-TECH

    Connected the battery to the YS-X4 wifi module

    Ran Wifi Config.exe

    Pressed “search” button – top left

    Once it identified the wifi module then hit button “get config” bottom middle

    It then loaded up the wifi SSID in the top right centre

    I then changed the SSID to YS-X6-serial number. (whatever your YS-X6 serial number is)

    Pressed apply button on the bottom

    Then went into my router and changed the SSID back to YS-X6-Serial number

    And that’s is it. Now both are connected to the same router using your YS-X6 SSID

    I did try and do it the other way around, but I was not successful. This works for me, so thats all I need.

  8. robone

    robone Member

    Posted by robone, Dec 5, 2012 #8
    I have just taken my wifi version YS-X4 out for its 1st flight. Used my android tablet in Hotspot mode to check the settings and calibrate the compass.

    The flight was really just to check the settings and see if everything was calibrated and setup correctly.

    But, wow....this is good. Took off in manual mode and it was a perfect take off. Did this a few times. Then took off in Auto Pilot/GPS mode flew around in this mode and it was brilliant. Let go the sticks and it sits. This is exactly what I want for flying FPV. Landing in GPS mode is a breeze.

    System used:
    Frame: CarbonCore 500x4
    Motors: MT2216-11
    ESC: RC Tiger T30A
    Props: APC SF 10x4.7
    Auto Pilot : ZeroUAV YS-X4

    As a flight Controller, this is superb. Chucked it around and it handled extremely well.

    I haven't tried the RTH or any of the other features yet, but knowing the YS-X6, I am sure they work just as well.

    Excuse the ESC's just hanging around. They are going to get packed away now that I know everything is connected correctly :)


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  9. Pjtyros

    Pjtyros Member

    May 18, 2011
    Bournemouth UK
    Posted by Pjtyros, Dec 5, 2012 #9
    Anyone know if you can get this in the UK?
  10. robone

    robone Member

    Posted by robone, Dec 5, 2012 #10
    I normally do not like selling to people outside of my Country as it is difficult to provide a good support and also shipping costs are high, but if you want me to, I will be prepared to sell you one.

  11. Patscherpofel

    Patscherpofel Member

    Jul 13, 2012
    Posted by Patscherpofel, Dec 5, 2012 #11
    nice to hear some first impressions!

    a general question because you mention fpv
    I am big fan of simple and minimalistic setups and also as little things to set up for a shoot as possible

    so is there a reason to fly this big wifi module around? ok for tuning its nice to have, but after?
    I am not intrested in wayponist or anythink more complicated then dynamic position hold and retur to home
    I have a battery warning already through my video link....so all I could think of is loss of gps warning ...couldnt that be outputted to a buzzer somehow? yes ...I fly with audio :)

  12. Tuomas P.

    Tuomas P. Member

    Sep 27, 2012
    Posted by Tuomas P., Dec 5, 2012 #12
    Just tested the YS-X4 on an X-8. The setup pretty much out of the box. It seems that once the altitude hold is on while flying in altitude hold mode or GPS mode, the motors start to oscillate. Its restless. Actually my YS-X6 does the same. Tried to put the values down, but its still restless. On the manual mode its much better (video from 0:28) Any ideas? Here´s the video:


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  13. Pjtyros

    Pjtyros Member

    May 18, 2011
    Bournemouth UK
    Posted by Pjtyros, Dec 6, 2012 #13

    Hi Rob, seems to have moved on a lot since the Xaircraft days, thanks for your kind offer, I just had an email from a UK supplier of the X6 but they are not sure they will carry the X4.
  14. robone

    robone Member

    Posted by robone, Dec 6, 2012 #14
    Please don't remind me of those days :upset:

    Its a pleasure. IMO they are making a mistake if they decide not to stock the YS-X4.

    Anyway, let me know if you are interested, and I am sure we can make a plan.

  15. ChrisViperM

    ChrisViperM Active Member

    Posted by ChrisViperM, Dec 6, 2012 #15
  16. robone

    robone Member

    Posted by robone, Dec 6, 2012 #16
    I have never tried, but I am sure you can remove the Wifi module. I never fly with it either. I only use it to have a look at the battery voltage now and then.
  17. mongo

    mongo lost soul

    Posted by mongo, Dec 7, 2012 #17
    thanks chris, sent em an email asking if they intend to carry the X4.
  18. robone

    robone Member

    Posted by robone, Dec 9, 2012 #18
  19. robone

    robone Member

    Posted by robone, Dec 11, 2012 #19
    Here is a video showing position hold posted by KariY on RCGroups forum

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  20. PhilippeN

    PhilippeN Member

    Jun 28, 2012
    Geneva Switzerland
    Posted by PhilippeN, Dec 20, 2012 #20

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