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Will the Lightbridge video transmitter interfere with the A2's DC16 receiver?

Discussion in 'DJI A2 & WKM flight control systems' started by Jim_VE7UV, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. Jim_VE7UV

    Jim_VE7UV New Member

    Posted by Jim_VE7UV, Dec 7, 2014 #1
    I'm building S1000+ octocopter and will be using an A2 Flight Controller and a Lightbridge that transmits the onboard camera's video on 2.4 GHz.

    I will be using a Futaba 14SG 2.4 GHz R/C transmitter to control the S1000+ in flight, and was hoping to use the Futaba compatible 2.4 GHz DR16 R/C receiver that is built inside the A2 controller.

    My concern is will the 100 milliwatt 2.4 GHz Lightbridge video transmitter that will be onboard the S1000+ interfere with the A2 Flight Controller's 2.4 GHz built-in DR16 R/C receiver?

    Thanks, Jim
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  2. Carapau

    Carapau Tek care, lambs ont road, MRF Moderator

    Jan 19, 2013
    N Yorks
    Posted by Carapau, Dec 7, 2014 #2
    With the Futaba, the idea is that you plug it into the ground end of the Lightbridge and thus there are no issues what so ever. However, if for what ever reason you are not plugging in the Futaba and using it separately to the Lightbridge there is a much greater chance of signal loss between the Futaba and the aircraft. The Lightbridge uses a massive amount of the spectrum in order to transmit the data it needs from the camera- something I proved to myself by using a spec analyzer. That was a while back so not sure if any firmware updates have come out to improve matters but there is a good reason why DJI designed it such that the Futaba was plugged into the ground station bit of the Lightbridge.

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