What to do when lipo battery swollen?


What to do when lipo battery swollen

LiPo batteries begin to puff up or swell due to gas generated during normal operation. If one LiPo begins to puff up it means that the battery is dangerous and need to be replaced

In general, we don’t suggest to use swollen batteries, even though they can still be used for several more times, Most important you must be careful to charge them. If it is possible, keep them far away from combustible stuff or put them in container that is fireproof . Swollen LiPos are also high sensitivity for mechanical casing failure, you have to prevent any impacts, dents or damages to the battery that may occur. If you must to utilize the swollen LiPos, please consider the potential risk. Just need to be careful, then it is fine. But if there is any suspicious smelling, throw them away immediately and pick replacements.

Why does Lipo swell?

Lithium battery is made from 3 essential element: negative electrode, positive electrode and electrolyte solution. Battery conduct electric power through the move of ion from positive electrode to negative electrode and vice versa. The ion could move via electrolyte solution. LiPos are different with general lithium ion battery because of solid polymer electrolyte. By way of the electrolyte, ion could travel between Lipos terminal. LiPos also contain polymer separators which could keep positive electrode away from negative electrode.

Battery swells due to the appearance of electrolyte disintegration. It is the procedure that electrolyte solution break down to individual materials. Generally the materials contain oxygen. In the case of LiPo batteries, electrolyte polymeric nature indicates the electrolyte could generate CO2 and CO during disintegration. The gas leads to a swollen Lipo or even fire and explosion. LiPo batteries are more likely to catch fire when electrolytic decomposition begins, because oxygen-enriched gas is very flammable, A good method is when the Lipo batteries indicate that they are fully charged, separate batteries and turn off charger, never let batteries connect to charger without guard. Battery swell can’t be prevented. Electrolyte breakdown is commonly occurring procedure, although it is not quick phenomenon. But inappropriate batteries maintenance could speed up the procedure.

How to prevent swollen Li-Polymer Battery

Like we referred, swollen batteries are because of electrolytic disintegration, it’s natural appearance. LiPo battery is specifically easy to swell due to the li-polymer laminate which substitutes inflexible metal case of lithium ion battery. Even though it can keep Lipos lighter and more compact, however it doesn’t offer enough mechanic stiffness and intensity.

Here are advise on extend your Lipo battery life span

1.good quality charger

Choose a charger that matches the voltage and current of the battery, and use a small current to charge as much as possible, and be sure not to use very cheap chargers on the market, which often do not have professional protection circuits to protect your battery.

2. Never over charge or over discharge

The suggestion is applicable to almost all types of recharged battery, No matter it is used for toys, cellphone or fan. Do not let equipment be connected on if it had been fully charged. LiPo battery is in most cases familiar to over heat rapidly when it remains inserted, it could extremely speed up electrolytic disintegration. on the other hand, this is not suggested to release LiPo batteries till none. LiPo battery is generally devised together with cut off volt which protect the electrical circuit from be totally cut-off. When the Lipo discharge to low voltage, you must recharge it as soon as possible to avoid over discharge.

3. Prevent mechanic harm

Like we referred, the soft li-polymer laminate of LiPo battery supports low weight. On the other hand, it doesn’t provide physical protects against fall and collision. Even small breakdown for LiPo battery could lead to electrolyte solution and starts leaking. If your LiPo batteries had been punctured too much, you shall cease to use them. Because the electrolyte is acidic, it can corrode your equipment, and the escaping gas is also flammable

5. Do not let it be in high heat environment

Electrolytic disintegration might be natural procedure however keep the LiPo battery in cool environment could be notably decelerated. On the other sider, put the LiPo battery under high heat environment would accelerate disintegration procedure. So as say never leave it plug in when it is charged to full, and never leave directly under blazing sun, LiPo battery normally will warming up when it is in operating or recharging, therefore you have to allow enough time for the battery to cool down before or after use or recharge.


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