What parts am I missing?


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This is going to be my first build/buy in for the hobby. I havent found any simplified list of all parts needs (e.i. propeller, flight controller, etc..) so I pieced together what I could off a video and some light reading. So far my list is as follows

URUAV Concept X210 ( 5mm Arm 5 Inch )
iflight xing 2208 1800kv
runcam micro swift 3 v2 4:3
Atenna for drone: foxeer with proper connector.
Frsky taranis Qx7
Frsky xm +micro D16 sbus full range reciever
Skyzone O30 goggles
Realacc triple feed patch (for goggles)
Foxeer 5.8g lollipop (for goggles)
Iflight 4in1 succeX f4 v2
Battery connector with capacitor
Gemfan hurricane props
Also a few 6s batteries, batteries for the controller and a charger.

I feel like I'm missing something?... like I said I dont know all to much and I feel like I'll have a way easier time with the software. I also do have all the skills and equipment to build.