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Need Help! Video Ballroom dance couple - unattended?

Discussion in 'Beginners Drone Forum' started by drjsg, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. drjsg

    drjsg New Member

    Jun 6, 2020
    Posted by drjsg, Jun 6, 2020 #1
    I am thinking of using a drone to video a ballroom dance sequence. I would like to set this up so that it can be done without an operator during the dance. This would be indoors and the couple (only one on the floor in an empty ballroom) would be dancing in a circle about 1/3 the size of a basketball court. Can a drone do this at eye level and follow the couple, say from the inside of the circle? Can the drone use the couple as a moving point of interest and circle around them as the couple circles the floor? The couple circles the floor CCW. If not possible to circle the couple as they move, can the drone stay at a specified distance from the moving couple, at a specific position? For example, stay at 10:00 in relation to the couple as they dance. And if the couple slows down or stops, the drone does that too? I don't want a video from 10' above the couple, I want this eye level.
    I'm completely new at this and wondered if this is something that can be done. I would like to do this unattended, so no drone operator.
    Thanks so much for any suggestions.
  2. Jason S

    Jason S Member

    Nov 11, 2011
    Posted by Jason S, Jun 7, 2020 #2
    you could do something outside with a drone using point of interest but inside would be a challenge without gps. the drone operator only needs to hide somewhere so we can still have control and fly without being seen. inside its risky you would need a skilled fpv pilot to pull something like that off

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