Travelling drone


Just got back from Puerto Vallarta and thought I'd share experience travelling

Alot of basics has been covered by Petr such as carrying lipos on carry on bags and not checked baggage

I fly out of Toronto; via westjet. When checking in (online app) asks if have dangerous goods I selected yes and unable complete checkin until I got to airport

I found out that I could of selected no because I believe referring to checked baggage.

No problems leaving Canada. Arrive in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico..... Seen another guy with DJI backpack and he went through customs before me and was called to secondary so knew I'd be called over to secondary as well. Sure enough!!

They asked him few questions and couldn't quite hear what asking him, they asked me if I had receipt which I did not have but told them my girlfriend bought for me and asked the value of the Phantom 3 (they knew exactly what model it was BTW).

They were familiar with phantoms, drones and told me there was fee to enter it into the country. I then overheard other guy saying to his dad $35 tax fee for his phantom. Was willing to pay the same as I expected it at this point.

I answered all questions they asked and all of sudden they tell me I'm cleared. No tax to take into country for me but other guy had to pay.

I believe because I knew all that was asked of me and they knew I had knowledge of the phantom they decided not charge me.

Now for bad news... The resort I stayed at was rather small compared to others been to and for safety reasons it stayed in backpack the whole week :(

I'd love hear other stories of what people experience when travelling. I know Erick travelled Dominican and like to know his experience. I'm starting travel agency business and will be using my drone for my travels so will always have it with me.

Mexico at least but can expect to pay "drone tax" to enter country with your drone but at their discression if and how much they want to charge

Sorry for long post but hopefully give some insight to those wanting to travel with drone.

Quick thank you to Petr and Erick for recommending DJI backpack definetly great investment for me and works great.