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RXLOSS error need help

Discussion in 'Forum questions or bug reports' started by AlexTheDroneGuy, May 25, 2018.

  1. AlexTheDroneGuy

    AlexTheDroneGuy New Member

    May 25, 2018
    Posted by AlexTheDroneGuy, May 25, 2018 #1
    I am setting up this drone that I have been building for a while on Betaflight. I have a problem that I cant seem to figure out. I have bound the receiver and connected it through PPM and the light does not flash meaning it is bound, the light is a constant red. When I go on betaflight I dont see any of the values moving on the receiver tab and when I enter status in the CLI the errors come up as RXLOSS and CLI.
    RC/Transmitter: Flysky FS-I6S 10ch 2.4G AFHDS 2A RC Transmitter Control w/ FS-iA6B Receiver For RC Drone Quadcopter

    The battery is not recognized by betaflight when I hook it up. When I plugged it in for the first time I heard the ESCs but after some motor testing I was unable to spin any of the motors and the ESCs do not make noise when it is turned on!

    Please help my drone get in the air,

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