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Discussion in 'Drones - Parts & Projects For Sale' started by jammers4u, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. jammers4u

    jammers4u New Member

    Oct 5, 2019
    Hong Kong
    Posted by jammers4u, Oct 8, 2019 #1
    CT-8078AR Pro Drone UAV 8 bands 725W Jammer up to 8000m

    Portable Extreme powerful UAV Drone flight killer that cover all commercial and most of professional used Drones/UAVs

    Max 720W 8 Bands - 5.8GHz, 2.4GHz, 433MHz, GPS L1, L2, L3, L4 L5, Glonass L1+L2, BeiDou, Galileo, 868MHz

    Frequency/antennas specification 8 bands:
    1. GPS L1 1575.42+Gloanss L1+GALILEO E1=1575.42+BeiDou B1 Freq (1559.052~1591.788Mhz) 1570-1620MHz 100W
    2. GPS L2 1227.60+Glonass L2+BeiDou B3 Freq (1250.618~1286.423Mhz)+GALILEO E6=1278.75 1220-1290MHz 100W
    3. GPS L3+L4 1379~1382Mhz 100W
    4. GPS L5 1176.45 Mhz+BeiDou B2 Freq (1166.220~1217.370Mhz)+GALILEO E5=1191.795+E5A=1176.46 + GALILEO E5B=1207.14:1160-1210MHz 100W
    5. RC 433/434MHz 100W
    6. RC 868-912MHz 100W
    7. RC WIFI 2400-2500MHz 100W
    8. RC 5.7-5.9GHz 20-25W
    TOTAL: 725W

    Jamming range:

    - Omni Antenna : 360 degree 1000-4000 meters+

    - HGA Antennas : 90 degree 3000 to 8000 meters +
    Total 8 bands in 3 HGA Antennas, use 2pcs HGA Antennas 3 bands antennas + 1 pc HGA Antennas 2 bands. HGA Antennas block only 90 degree on this model, so make sure you know which way UAV coming or to cover 360 degree will need 4 units or some customized make rotating platform

    - Military Omni Vehicles Antennas Option: 360 degree 2000 to 6000 meters+

    Adjustable Output Power each Band/Channel, Max Output Power to 0 (OFF)
    100% Safe VSWR over protection (Isolator) for each modular
    Power supply: AC adapter (AC 220V-DC 27V or 24V/45 Amp) or External Battery
    Stand-alone modular design and individual power control.
    Adjustable Output Power each Band/Channel
    VSWR over protection for each modular.
    Working status indicator for each band modular.
    Pelican 1620 Case Raining Proof
    Dimension:626 mm(L)×49.2mm(W)× 350mm(H)
    Weight:45 Kg (approximately) just main unit
    Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃
    Humidity: 5% ~ 90%
    Warranty: 1 year

    Package contents:
    1 pc main jammer
    8 pcs Omni antennas 750mm long
    2 pcs Omni Antennas frame and cables 2-3m long
    3 pcs HGA Antennas
    1 pcs AC Adapter (AC 220V-DC 27V or 24V/45 Amp)
    1 pc Wireless RC that works on AC Adapter
    (- Wireless RC will not works when device use battery)
    (- Tripod is not included in our prices)

    Additional antenna options:
    8 pcs Military type antennas with vehicle frame

    External Battery in order option:
    B-50AH 27V/50AH LiFePo4 Battery
    Pelican Case 1440, 35kg Weight. Work 1-2 hours

    CT-8078AR-HGAlog (1)-500x500.jpg


    1 Year warranty, Neutral packing, OEM Manufacturer :


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