NewBee with a Typhoon G ------ Help.


I recently purchased a Typhoon G so I could start to enjoy the drone world. I Bought it mainly because I already have a GoPro 3+ Black that I want to use.
I am having massive troubles trying to get the camera to work with the G.
I have tried every combination and order of connections and power "ups" to connect and turn on or off to make this work with No success!
Camera on, off. Recording on, off...Power this or that first.
I get weird camera errors like "Camera Busy" or it locks up so bad I have to pull the battery out of the camera to restart it!
This is really frustrating!!!!
Is there a preferred order that you guys might share with me as to what gets turned on first, second, etc. to get this guy flying and recording?
Thanks in advance for any help and or info!