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I'm just getting in to drones and found a quanum venture online. bit of a gamble, but thought it would be a fun starting point. I'm trying to get it to power up, but having a lot of trouble.
first obstacle was to get the assistant working on windows 10. after a lot of tries I got the assistant to recognize the drone and at least show some sign of life, after which it decided it was time to look for updates and I went straight into the problem everyone seems to have with the naza where it fails at updating firmware and then turns into a useless beeping potato. the internet says you need to connect f1 and f2 ports together to reset the thing to 1.0 firmware, which I tried several times. problem now is that the computer does recognize the drone (in device manager), but it doesn't show up at all in the assistant so there's no chance to update firmware to 1.0.

any chance fixing this, or is flying a naza in 2021 just a bad idea?