MMC Automatic Security UAV exhibits in Shenzhen CPSE


The 17th China International Social Public Safety Expo (CPSE) held from October 28th-31 th,2019 in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. The security expo shows the advanced technology in artificial intelligence, driverless, big data, and smart city, attracting more than 1,500 exhibitors from more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

MMC Uav security attracts attention

As a leading industrial UAV manufacturer, MMC has made a new breakthrough in the field of UAV intelligent security. This expo, MMC with the theme of "SCI-TECH AERIAL SECURITY SOLUTION". The latest automatic UAV security system, diversified flight platform and the first comprehensive supply chain of industrial UAV, fully demonstrated the strength of MMC, for the audience brought a truly rich and intelligent experience, which attracted many exhibitors and visitors from the exhibition.

THE new drone management system for automatic intelligent security

In recent years, industrial light-small drones have gradually been applied to the security field, becoming a flexible and "air security weapon." In this expo, MMC's latest automatic drone inspection system security solution based on reliable communication, AI big data and high-precision situational awareness technology, using Mspace system for 3D real-world modeling and UAV autonomous routes Planning, able to provide the management department with accurate information such as drone data and flight trajectory in a remote and real-time manner.

The MPlan system supports a large number of tasks management and big data aggregation services, and automatically delivers drone missions. After the MTower receives the task, it cooperates with the MSpace system and the MPlan system to automatically dispatch the security drone to perform the timing and emergency patrol tasks. The acquired data is automatically imported into the real-time 3D platform of the MSpace system. The security department can return the data in the command center according to the real-time. Screen, remote one-button control, rapid face/vehicle identification, warning, locking, tracking of suspicious targets, comprehensive monitoring, and management of security areas, providing safe and reliable space and ground for security departments Support.

Diversified flight platforms to improve security efficiency

At the booth of MMC, a number of self-developed drones have been appreciated by many visitors.

The Skylle drone uses full carbon fiber technology with industrial-grade precision positioning sensor modules and UAV attitude sensing modules. With the MSpace system, it can realize route planning and autonomous hovering. At the same time, it can be compatible with or expand various types of equipment belonging to the police. It has high requirements in various performance parameters and can be applied to site survey, fire rescue, traffic management, Activity security, and other security areas.

In addition, the Notuzi drone is a flexible and efficient endurance drone. The arm is foldable for easy carrying when the security is dispatched. It has the advantages of fast maneuvering and convenient operation. In practical applications, the operator can quickly complete the installation and flight of the drone according to actual needs, greatly improving the efficiency of police execution.

Provides multi-functional equipment to cooperate with security

As the first comprehensive supply chain of industrial UAV, MMC show a variety of advanced gimbals at this exhibition, which can meet different scenarios. All gimbal adopt standardized fast-release interfaces, which have the characteristics of strong compatibility and realize fast plug-and-play.

The MMC drone supports equipment equipped with a 40x zoom HD camera, infrared thermal imaging camera, laser range finder, etc, collects field data and quickly transmits it to the command center to track and predict the event development situation for the judge to make judgments and decisions.

This kind of aerial multi-angle and wide-range on-site observation capability is unmatched by general fixed monitoring equipment and has an irreplaceable role. In addition, the use of drones equipped with megaphones, searchlights, throwing rescue, net guns and other devices, breaking through the light and environmental constraints, even in the dark environment can perform security tasks, can assist police officers to accurately deploy and enhance Security efficiency and security of the city.

Open and integrate to create a new era of industrial intelligence

MMC UAV is a leading industrial UAV manufacturer that is devoted to producing high-performance UAV products. With its unique industrial chain integration advantage, it has established industrial chain product portfolio including drone, airframe, power system, flight control, image transmission, ground control station and it tailors best UAV solutions as well as OEM and ODM services for global customers in areas like inspection, public safety, search & rescue, surveying & mapping, environmental protection and many more so they can work in greater safety, with higher efficiency, and by lower cost. MMC continues to deepen technological innovation and develop with more partners to provide more valuable services to the entire industry and create more social value.