Japanese government pushes drone company assistance policy


Japan's "Asahi Shimbun" January 14 issue published a report entitled "The Government intends to strengthen the domestic drone company's assistance policy", said that small drones are being widely used in cargo transportation and other industries, the government decided to introduce assistance policies accordingly, Help domestic enterprises to develop or introduce drone models that can effectively respond to cyber-attacks.

It is reported that the Japanese government plans to submit a new bill at the general meeting of the parliament that opens on the 20th and strives to formally implement this summer.

At present, due to safety considerations, according to the provisions of the "Aeronautical Law" and other regulations, UAVs are restricted to fly around urban areas, nuclear power stations, and other important facilities and beyond the eyes of the operator. The Japanese government's policy is to relax some restrictions before 2022 to facilitate the use of drones in the logistics and security industries with severe shortages.

According to the report, with the popularization of 5G, mainstream drones may be capable of autonomous flight in the future, but there is also the possibility of being manipulated by third parties through hacking means or maliciously intercepting captured video images.

In order to prevent similar situations, the Japanese government will introduce a new law to provide support for aircraft models that have adopted security measures or for the introduction and development of autonomous flight systems. It is reported that when a venture capital company with a government background makes a capital contribution, it will relax some of the approval conditions and will also facilitate the relevant companies to obtain low-interest Japanese policy financial treasury financing.