Is it possible to connect this transmitter to the receiver


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Hello there,
I'm new to this but I bought one damaged hexacopter and it was paired with this TX and RX (pictures are included bellow)
and it was weird because to the drone it was connected by Optima 7CH RX but it is not the original one included with rx. When I power up my TX and also that original blue RX (I'm not sure about the brand there is only RX 400 4ch receiver 2.4GHz FHSS) they will connect to each other and I can see the green LED when they are connected. But if I try to connect that TX to Optima RX it is not working. It is possible to connect different brands? I would like to use that Optima 7 one but at least tell me how to connect that blue 4ch one to my DJI Naza V2 Flight Controller because if I connect it according to manual it is not working.
If it's necessary I can measure these radios with my spectrum analyzer.

Images from the radios and FC:

Part list (not complete):

Thank you in advance :)