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Other Hubsan H501S

Discussion in 'General Drone Manufacturer Discussion' started by James4357, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. James4357

    James4357 New Member

    Dec 8, 2018
    Posted by James4357, Dec 8, 2018 #1
    I am debating.on getting the Hubsan H501S for my first quad. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with these as the reviews ive seen have been rather mixed.
  2. Jkosmo

    Jkosmo Member

    Dec 9, 2018
    Posted by Jkosmo, Dec 9, 2018 #2
    I've built and flown a few 250 and 450 quads over the years before borrowing and flying my daughter's 501S for a few weeks. I like the Hubsan... Very easy and fun to fly if I'm tired or feeling lazy. It's a 2S so relatively slow, and very forgiving in gps loiter mode. The downside is that since it's all black with basically no lights visible from a distance, it is easy to get disoriented. Still, not a problem since you can throw it into RTL and it comes right back . Very reliable, no techical issues. I'd recommend buying a good balance charger intead of relying on the simple charger it comes with . Also, get a rechargeable for the transmitter otherwise you'll spend a fortune on AA's. Video is good for reference but not cinematic, of course .I also like the detailed telemetry for monitoring altitude and rx battery. Honestly, a great starting point and fun place to start in the hobby

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