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How to update (and maybe un-brick) the MoVI M5.....

Discussion in 'AP/AV Mounts, Stabilization, etc. Discussion' started by ChrisViperM, May 6, 2015.

  1. ChrisViperM

    ChrisViperM Active Member

    Posted by ChrisViperM, May 6, 2015 #1
    Hi guys

    I thought I should update my MoVI M5 to the latest firmware 4.01. Downloaded it from here: http://freeflysystems.com/software-manuals/, connected my Samsung tablet via Bluetooth, initiated the upgrade within the MoVI app. Everything went fine until the progress bar showed about 12%, then the scrren timeout from the tablet kicked in and interrupted the upgrade process......switched everything off and turned the MoVI on again.....nothing, nada, MoVI was dead....very expensive carbon paperweight.
    After spending hours on the Freefly forum I found out that I (and a lot of others) had bricked the MoVI. Apperantely if you have a lot of time to first waste with Freefly support (which is great, by the way) they might
    send you a so called jumper plug, which looks like this:

    View attachment 24573

    After you get the jumper, follow this procedure to bring your MoVI back to life:

    My trouble was: I am sitting in South Africa, didn't want to spend hours with the support guy and didn't want to wait for that damn jumper, so I took the risk and made one myself. Since the whole trick is to connect pin 1 with pin 5 (the other pins are doing nothing during the un-brick process), I took an old balancer cable and fiddled the balancer connector out of the plastic housing. The pins on the MoVI are very thin, so the tiny connectors on the balancer cable are doing the trick....looks like this:

    View attachment 24574

    Just make sure they sit firm on the MoVI pins 1 and 5....and make damn sure they are NOT touching the neighboring pins. From there you just watch the un-brick Youtube movie from above.....

    Best regards


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