How much time needed for self build kit?

Jack Jumper

New Member
I've seen some videos for building your own drone for $99.
You buy parts and put together.
I've only ever skimmed through the main video.
I saw you need to do some soldering.
I don't have experience of soldering.
I'm OK with opening things up.

Just looking for a guestimate... how long would it take me to build?
Soldering - I'm sure I can learn and master (what I need to know).
Apart from that... is there anything else?

$99 - is this recommended? Should I spend more? Can someone give links to anything else?
(The guy says, a few parts, costing a few $ more... he would recommend instead. I can live with $99 or just a little more with no thought.)

Main requirement: video and photography.
(Boy racing can come later!)

DUMB question: how close to the quality of DJI drones can I get with a self build?

First post here.


Jason S

there no way you can self build a drone with sensors etc like dji for $99. The best way to start is probably with dji 450 or 550 easy enough to put together and solder.
But there are so many good drones already pre-built that around that price why would diy unless you up for a challenge?
sounds like u dont have any experience so why risk something that u can buy already that flys. Theres lots of mirco drones that a small camera too good fun to zip around the house and annoy your family and cats etc lol