Extra Camera?

David Bach

New Member
I just bought a Potensic T35 Drone. All in all I like it a lot. The one thing I don't like is the camera. Its advertised as 1080P but if I had to guess its at the bottom end of 1080P. Anyway I don't want to replace the camera instead I'd like to mount an additional camera, one that is closer to 1080 P. the camera will need it's own power supply, it will need to record to a 32 Gig memory card. Connectivity to WiFi or anything else is not necessary. The plan is to attach it to my Drone, turn it on and fly with the camera recording until I turn it off after landing. I prefer to order from the USA, I have nothing against other countries other than the extended shipping time. I've waited of six weeks to get a package from China and frankly I'm not interested.

Something simple but it needs to be a pretty good camera. With good quality. Its for my own use, I'm not selling video or photos to anyone, maybe in the future but not for now.

Any Recommendations?

David Bach

GoPros are great, you can get a Hero 4 Silver for under $100 used. 720p@120fps, 1080p@60fps, 2k@30fps, and a few more. If the drone can lift it, you can get a cheap 2 axis gimbal for around $30.