Drone registration and FAA rules

Although it is quite annoying, the FAA deems it mandatory to register drones. It is easy to do, but costs $5. It can all be done online at FAA Drone Zone .

REGULATIONS- what a pain. Cant just fly a drone anywhere anymore. There have been drones reported by airplane pilots at high altitudes above the legal limit (400ft). Can't wait to share more research on it. Although this is also a nuisance to abide by, the FAA makes it known on the FAA UAS website .

As an ethical drone pilot, I make an honest effort to abide by the rules. I also have registered the two drones I own.

At the end of the day, it is the FAA's job to get the word out to the right audience, so I believe they are not doing a good job at it. I have yet to meet a drone pilot who has been approached by law enforcement or anyone that works with the FAA because they were flying illegally.

If you have a good story, please shoot me a message or comment. Would love to chat about your experience.



OK .. so I have to register every drone I own ... $5 a pop. Right? Beyond that, I have to "Pass an aeronautical knowledge and safety test" according to my Recreational Flyer Dashboard.

If the knowledge and safety test is required, where do I take the test (online)?