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For Sale Drone Data Logger

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Items For Sale' started by DroneFlyer601, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. DroneFlyer601

    DroneFlyer601 New Member

    Mar 14, 2017
    NE PA
    Posted by DroneFlyer601, Mar 14, 2017 #1
    Looking for something else to do with your Xiro Drone? Well I built a Arduino based data logger that is designed in a container that is compatible with Xiro Explorer V drones.

    Comes with a small SD card or you can add you own.. but 256mb (yes megabytes) is enough to log data for about 25 mins, or more...so you don't need much.

    Now Includes GPS Positioning. The Longitude and Latitude is captured and stored in the file on the MicroSD Card.

    You turn the unit on, fly the Xiro up down etc, even low over the ground to gather low altitude ground Temp data. Or test your Xiro altitude and see what you record. I have built a cloud app that you can use to view your sky logger data it is located here.

    Is it geek.....Sure...But who cares its fun...

    50 bucks covers my cost to print the units and assemble them.

    What could you do with the Data.... Well That is up to you.. Maybe you have need to record Position and as well as temp/altitude and pressure data over a broad area and want to use a Drone to do it. Well Here you go.


    Now you can use a Free web app to graph and map the data you have collected. Go to Visit our free app

    And you can analyze the data.

    Also, included now is a universal adapter to attach the logger to any drone. (Think Velcro) It should work fine.

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