Drone Build


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I usually fly with Mavic pros, Phantoms, and the Inspire 2. But lately have been needing something with more range much more range and with a better camera. I have a list of parts and equipment I have gotten together so far. I have put a little research into building one. But as always can't find if things work exactly or not with one another.

So I am getting a Botlink XRD for the controler unit, with a Pixhawk PX4 as the flight controler, readytosky M8N GPS module, UAVCAN magnetometer, and my esc are LittleBee 50a Blheli_32 ESC. motors are iFlight XING 2814 1100KV.

My worry is will the Botlink work along side the pixhawk PX4. From my understanding everything will work with the Pixhawk PX4. but the issue will be the botlink.

The Pixhawk 2 works with the botlink but nothing about the Pixhawk. The botlink uses PX4 software so I would assume the pixhawk would work.

thanks ahead of time.