I've had this build for over a year now and I'm very happy with how far I've gotten with it; however, I'm about to move due to work and will no longer have time to tinker with this project. I was hoping to upgrade from the NAZA M-Lite to an APM, but work is changing too often for me to be able to dedicate time to this build. The only thing I've done lately is change the 2-axis gimbal for a 3-axis Storm32 gimbal which is awesome btw but as most of these gimbals, you have to mess with the GUI to get it just right for your build.

All included items are as follows:

Drone: S500 Quadcopter Frame
Motors: 4x T-Motor Antigravity MN2214
Props: 1 set DJI Phantom 3 props and 1 set of Graupner E-Props
ESC's: 4x ARRIS 2-6S 30A SimonK
Flight controller: DJI Naza M-Lite
Batteries: 2x Floureon 5500mAh 3S 35C and 1x ZOP Power 5000mAh 3S 30C with XT60 connectors
TX/RX: Flysky Fs-i6s 2.4g 10ch Transmitter With Fs-ia6b (the 10 ch is installed and the 6 ch is extra for another acft)
Charger: SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 Dual Power (6Amps, 50Watts)
Accessories: Hobbypower Retractable Landing Skid TL65B44, Usmile® 3W Super Bright LED Lamp
Extras included: 2x BGC 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal w/Controller for GoPro (aka Ebay Gimbal), both work find, I wanted to build an S550 but never got around to it. I'm also throwing in a Walkera Devo 7 (was my original TX but the range wasn't impressive)
Carrying case: Ridgid 22" Progear Cart with wheels (This is a "homemade" with internal foam to organize for transport. Lockable and able to check-in for traveling.

I prefer not to sell parts individually as a lot of work has gone into putting this unit together and I'm very proud of my hard work. I would like to sell it as a unit for $700 obo

NOTE: I've invested over $900 in this project (not including my labor), and I'm letting it all go for a good cost to a good home.

For those of you who are curious if I'm just clicking around for the high prices on Amazon or Ebay, I'm more than willing to send you invoices on whichever of the prices you're doubting, just pm me. The price is negotiable, go ahead and make an offer.

I will post recent pictures later today as I haven't taken recent pictures; however, feel free to request specific details or pictures.

Here's a few videos taken of it and with it:
Maiden flight with the Storm32 Gimbal
DJI NAZA M Lite Manual RTH
Houston, TX Flooding - 249 and Cypresswood Dr

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