DJI Mavic - position for sticker?


Hello together,

i have a question - we here in Germany are forced by low to put a metal sticker onto our drones. Containing our complete name and adress.
The sticker has to be fire resistand so it has to be made of metal (aluminium).

What do you suggest is the best place to put the sticker ontu the mavic? So no sensors or compass / IMU is influenced at all?

I googled and ordered the smallest stickers available on the market (only a few milimiters big and below 4 gramm) to minimize the influence (here). But I am still unsure where to put the sticker?

Maybe best on the back of the Mavic?

What do you suggest? Do you have similar strange laws in your countries as well?


Gabriel Yee

Maybe you can get a carbon fiber protection board for your Mavic from here and attach the name plate to it.
That way you can make sure that you are not screwing it to the wrong place and it helps in protecting your drone as well