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Need Help! Can't seem to trim D350HW

Discussion in 'Beginners Drone Forum' started by Moris, May 4, 2019.

  1. Moris

    Moris New Member

    May 4, 2019
    Toronto, ON
    Posted by Moris, May 4, 2019 #1
    Hello there, newby at drone flying here...
    well, as my Topic statement says, I can't seem to be able to trim my new D350WH quad drone. I think I followed the manual instructions correctly but whenever I push the left stick and try to correct the direction that the drone takes with the right stick, it just keeps going until it crashes with something or I stop it. It seems as though the right stick does not respond when I press the left one which is what I am supposed to do. I've seen a couple of videos on youtube about it but not really about this model and the ones for this model (or similar) do not seem to have trouble.
    Anyway, here's what I've done: Made sure battery is fully charged, made sure blades are lint, dust free and rotate easily (on that note, I removed the blades and placed them without knowing that they have to be positioned in a certain way, across from each other, so the drone wouldn't take off, again, rookie mistake, so I repositioned them the way they are supposed to be, or so I think and now it flies but, it keeps flying back when I am not touching the control.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you!!!

    UPDATE: Ok, I think I'm getting the hang of it, it's not as simple as it looks but it's not as hard, it just takes patience and a good space to do the trimming, the drone now does not drift backwards as much but I had to do the trimming process several times and more in control before it hits anything. I watched a video that helped me to understand that trimming is not a one or two or even three step process, it's try and try... Or so I believe. Ok, so unless I'm talking (or writing) to myself here, I would like to know someone else's experience if possible with same or similar model. The only thing is, battery really runs out quickly, it should come with two batteries, I would've paid the extra 10 bucks it'll cost me to have it shipped. Thanks...Again. (May the 4th be with you all ;-) )

    Oh And By the way, I am an aviation enthus, but the main reason why I bought this drone was to be able to check my roof, I thought that a good way to have a nice 360 degree aerial view without risking a fall was by getting a drone up there, so long story short, I have called someone to do that for me, lol, the roof thing I mean. I can't wait to learn to fly it safely before the thing gets worse, again, I thought it would have been easier to learn and fly it up there but it doesn't seem that way. Besides, I don't want to fly this thing unless I am 100% sure I am not breaking any municipal bylaws, I have a document about general drone flying rules but nothing really about my region. And again, anyone from Durham Region who can provide their experience with this, it'll be great... Thanks again!

    UDPATE no. 2: I guess that even if no one has replied with comments I will continue to add my own, at least it will serve as a log on my own drone flying learning experience. So, today's update is that I decided to replace my drone. I had tried and tried, thought I had got the drone trimmed and figured out but like a stubborn donkey, it went back to doing what it did before, going backwards at a rather fast speed. So, I decided to take it back to the store and get a new one, maybe that was the problem, maybe not. Insteald, I saw another slightly bigger one the Syma K8 WH and decided to give it a try. It was a much better experience. What I had feared, that my lack of experience and knowledge in drone flying would somehow be a factor when deciding whether my first drone had a flaw or if the flaw was me, so I am happy to see it was the former. This new drone which is basically the same as the D350HW just slightly larger, was a lot more stable and the battery runs for a lot longer than the D350. So far, I am happy. Thanks!

    Update no. 3 (And Final I suppose for this question/log): The K8 WH turned out to be a much better option. I haven't taken it outside as yet but this toy works much better than the D350. And even if the physical space in order to trim the D350 wouldn't have been that much, the basement area had, in my opinion, a reasonable space for what it's advertised as an indoor drone ( The K8 is advertised as both indoor/outdoor drone). Trimming on the K8 was much better and it responded to trim within two or three beeps. So again, I think it wasn't necessarily me but I can still say that have to learn a lot. Since there might be other factors that may have affected the malfunction, perhaps a seasoned drone operator would've been able to figure it out or fix it.
    In any case and since this is not a blog, I'll close it now and just leave it for anyone else who happens to have a similar drone and wants to read from my experience.
    Last edited: May 14, 2019

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