Need Help! Beginner with Drones

Scott L

New Member
I am interested in getting started on drones, and have basically two questions:

1. I have a Holy Stone 700 that I have flown with less than spectacular results (landed in a lake, crashed into a tree). But the real problem that I have with it is, every time I start to use it I have go go through gyrations to sink it, set up, then if it stops working (e.g., when I crashed into a tree), I couldn't get it to start again. As a beginner I'd like to have a drone that I can just start flying, and that will continue to fly, barring any major mishaps. Any suggestions.

2. Eventually, I'm going to want to have a drone that can be programmed, i.e., set to fly a specified pattern and return. Any recommendations as to what a good "starter drone of that type would be?