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They've asked about posting an ad to the site but I'm not familiar with them. If anyone has any info on them please PM me with your stories.


I use them, also. Good stuff.
They are propriatary. If you use their tx you also must use their rx. Chinese based.


My entire FPV video TX/RX system is Foxtech (although not purchased directly from foxtechfpv) and it all works fine and reliably although their channels frequencies are proprietary as are their antenna connectors. I also use Foxtech goggles which I did buy direct from FoxtechFPV and had no issues with delivery or product quality.


I need to relate an issue I'm having with Foxtech FPV right now. Purely factual and you can all make a judgement...

I purchased what was advertised as a GoPro Black Edition from them around August 2013 - Order #17250. I had problems with the camera getting authorisation from GoPro for installation of firmware updates. I contacted GoPro Europe who said to me that the serial number provided with the camera was for a Silver Edition.

Armed with this information I contacted Fu Xing - boss of FoxtechFPV and asked him why I'd been sold what GoPro confirmed was a Silver rather than a Black Edition.

He said he'd stopped selling GoPro's and said if I returned it he would refund me in full.

So on the 11th of November 2013 I sent the GoPro back to them by Signed for Royal Mail to the address he provided in an email in English.

I heard nothing for 4 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today the parcel arrived back in the UK marked 'Damaged on receipt in UK' and 'Refused' by the person addressed to. 4 Months later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in touch with Foxtech during the 4 months the parcel was in transit and in limbo in China. Foxtech said they had not received it.

Here are some pictures of the parcel once I got it back - you can clearly see it as marked 'Refused'. It was also marked as damaged upon entry back into England - the back had been ripped open from the middle outwards... WHY?

Makes you wonder what actually happened to it whilst there - it certainly makes you think twice before buying anything from China if this is how they treat mail that's marked down for being Signed for!!

I'm a long time customer of their's too - I must have spent over $3500 with them to date.:angel::angel::angel:

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Follow up to this dated 14th May 2014. FoxtechFPV asked me to return my GoPro to a different address, marking the item as a 'hobby part'. I did this about 10 days ago. Today I received a PayPal refund from FoxtechFPV. THANKYOU. Lets hope that FoxtechFPV manage to obtain/secure a reliable returns mechanism folk can rely on.


Love doing business with Foxtech. Superior Customer Service, decent enough parts and in no way typical of China dealer.


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I have placed an order at foxtechfpv 11 days ago with DHL delivery (40 usd for delivery). My order still not shipped. All items of my order have at least 2 availability of stock. They don't answer my emails.