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    For Sale Seeking the regional agent

    Hey Here, We are sincerely looking for the regional agents worldwide. The agents should qualified for the following requirement: 1. We have the simiar market and it would be great if you had some potential customers in our LiDARs' main application: Benewake’s LiDAR sensors are widely applied...
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    Application of TF03 drone sensor in Pixhawk

    Benewake TF03 LiDAR can directly be connected with the serial port of Pixhawk. TF03 can be used in flight device for the purpose of altitude holding or obstacle avoidance. This document is suitable to Pixhawk adopts ArduCopter V3.6.2 or higher firmware(Note:Standard output mode should be used...
  3. sophia lee

    IP65 Water Proof of TFmini LiDAR Sensor

    In order to meet the user's requirement in harsh conditions, we newly added IP65 level waterproof shell to TFmini! In addition, the switching value function is also added. First, let's take a look at the changes in appearance Left one is the update, pretty cool. Wow! If interested, please...
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    CE30 AGV Application

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    CE30-D LiDAR Use in Detail

    The demonstration is about how to start with a LiDAR-CE30-D , including connection to a personnel computer For more information please contact:
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    Solid LiDAR CE30-D for UAV

    CE30-D is a complete solid-state LiDAR with large measuring range and high resolution. It can be used in UAV such as drones, cars, robots and so on to detect the range, altitude holding, obstacle avoidance, self-guiding and so on Feature: Complete Solid-state LiDAR Large...
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    For Sale LiDAR TFmini Specification

    TFmini--Micro LiDAR Module TFmini is a milestone for Benewake with its unique optical, structural, and electronic designs, the product possesses 3 major advantages: Low cost, Tiny volume Low power consumption The built-in algorithm adapted to indoor and outdoor environments can...
  8. sophia lee

    Drone auto-Altitude-Hold from TF series LiDAR

    LiDAR for detecting the obstacle and auto avoid crashing.
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    3 Top Lidar Sensors For UAVs from Benewake in China

    The drone lidar sector is growing rapidly and especially over the past 2 years. In only a short period of time, manufacturers of the best aircraft lidar sensors have engineered lidar sensors for small drones. The output from these UAV lidar sensors is outstanding and will keep improving as more...
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    The multiple functions of Benewake LiDAR in Drones

    Benewake( a national high-tech enterprise, with over 80 employees. The company is located in Keshi Building, Haidian district, Beijing. Benewake focuses on thesolid-state LiDAR.In 2016, the company received A+ round investment from Shunwei Capital, IDG Capital and Ecovacs...
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    What do Drones, LiDAR Mean for Aerial Surveying, Mapping?

    Now is a special time for geospatial service providers. Many call it as important a time in the history of geospatial technology as the introduction of geographic information systems (GIS). Arguably, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and 3D data acquisition tools are undergoing some of the most...
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    For Sale DRONE TF02 LIDAR LED Rangefinder IP65 (22 m)

    The Benewake TF02 LIDAR LED Rangefinder IP65 (22 m) is a unidirectional ranging LiDAR, which is mainly used in height ranging and terrain following of drones, supporting flight controls like Plixhawk, APM, TopXGun, EFY Technology, aiAero, DAISCH and etc. Performance Detection Range: 0.3-22m...