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    For Sale Energy Audits & Surveys

    Hello! We are a renewable energy company that is now specializing in performing energy audits and surveys for residential, commercial and agricultural properties. We use brand new state of the art commercial drones equipped with top notch infrared and LiDar technologies as well as 3D mapping. We...
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    need help selecting drone

    I work for a solar company and part of my job is to take pictures of our customers roofs so we can design a system for them. Im looking for a super simple drone that can -take downward pictures of roof tops -transfer pictures to my iphone with ease (via bluetooth, wifi etc..) -Under $200 Any...
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    U.K. Pilots

    I'm building up a crew of pilots across the UK for commercial opps. If you're loookg for work, you're CAA approved and have the mandatory PfCO then msg me with your location, rate and an overview of your experience. Many thanks, Ben
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    UAV Insurance Discussion

    Are you thinking about becoming a commercial UAV pilot under FAA part 107? If so, UAV insurance should be a main concern of your new business. A vast majority of "standard" liability insurance policies exclude anything that has to do with aircraft. Since UAVs are under the purview of the FAA...
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    Foreign Drone Operator Regulations, to fly in USA

    Hi, Is it possible for a foreign certified drone pilot to do commercial work in the USA without having to pass the RPC. I've contacted the FAA but they weren't really helpful, or it was very confusing. If anyone here would be able to help, it would be great! Cheers, Ciarán.