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    Camflite Ascent suas drone

    Ascent drone American made the lightest in its class.
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    Ascent Aerosystems, Sprite

    Check out
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    News Camflite Ascent and Versa sUAS

    Ascent X / X8 is the newest sUAS platform that is both flexible and payload agnostic to enable customers with unique and demanding needs. CamFlite designed aluminum carbon fiber air-frame All-Electric and hybrid power options Inherently scalable design Uncompromising quality and support
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    News Camflite New Ascent and Versa sUAS

    X Specifications Motors: 4-T-Motor U8II Propeller size: 29” Weight: ~14.5 lbs. / ~6.5 kg Max payload: ~8.7 lbs. / ~3.9 kg1 MTOW: 37 lbs. / 17kg Power: 16Ah to 44Ah @ 44v1 Flight time: ~10 – 45 minutes1 Control range: ~5 miles / ~8 km Max speed: 65 mph / 100 km/h Dust & water-resistant Power...
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    mRobotics Location One GPS Failures

    pkocmoud Phillip Kocmoud 4h Thanks @james_pattison - At it’s core this is a dissatisfied customer. After a number of attempts to aid them, I decided it was in our best interest to part ways. Sometimes that is the best path forward and I refunded their order even though they returned obviously...
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    mRobotics Location One GPS Failures

    I bought 2 mRo Location One GPS w/ Compass and Barometer, within one flight the compass failed. Flew the other unit and it failed as well in one flight. Contacted the company gave them flight logs, pictures even talked to a tech to see why the compass no longer showed up. Sent them back to which...
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    mRobotics Location One GPS Failures

    mRobotics Location One GPS Has anyone had issues? I have been through 4 units all had compass component failures within 20 mins -1 hour of flying time. Prior to failures, the performance was exceptional, head and shoulders above here2. I would not buy there product their service is ZERO and...
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    Lipo Charging

    What type of charger are you using?
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    New member

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    newbie here with question

    Look at any of the DJI drone's they will do what you want.
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    Need help sizing motors thanks

    Most drone motors have specs that have total thrust per motor look at t-motor or hobbywing.
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    Kakute F7 HDV lost barometer after 4.1 update

    What if you roll back the FW does it work again?
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    First build

    What will be the total weight?
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    FPV Racing ImpulseRC Reverb Freestyle Frame

    Nice looking frame anyone ordered it?
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    Loss of power

    How old is the battery?
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    Where to fly in Miami FL

    Here is some info- Did you know that an Unmanned Aircraft System, commonly referred to as a drone, is considered an aircraft by government agencies? While you may want to fly your drone anywhere, certain restrictions apply. Drones must be operated...