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    A Hidden Gem in Northern Lithuania - Telšiai!

    Telšiai is a city in Lithuania with about 21,499 inhabitants. It is the capital of Telšiai County and Samogitia region, and it is located on the shores of Lake Mastis. Telšiai is one of the oldest cities in Lithuania, probably dating earlier than the 14th century. Between the 15th and 20th...
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    Sunflower field!

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    Narrow gauge railway Steam Locomotive!

    The narrow-gauge railway of Ventspils includes two railway lines: Circle Line (Riņķa līnija) – 1.4 km Hill Line (Kalna līnija) – 3.0 km Description of the railway line “Museum – Hill” The total length of the railway line “Museum – Hill”, constructed within the framework of a project, is 3...
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    Abandoned USSR Submarine Base

    Hara Island is where the beautiful nature of Lahemaa, history and the perseverance of our ancestors meet. This is a former military case, now known as the Hara submarine base. With the help of underwater engineering facilities, demagnetisation was carried out here which made the hulls of ships...
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    Spectacular Aerial Views of Jelgava Palace - Cinematic Drone Tour!

    Marvel at the Baroque beauty of Jelgava Palace through this stunning 4K drone tour. Called the "Latvian Versailles", this magnificent 18th century architectural wonder was once the largest palace in the former Duchy of Courland and Semigallia. Experience breathtaking bird's-eye vistas of this...
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    Soaring above the spires of the ancient Silesian Ostrava Castle!

    Discover the majesty of the restored Silesian Ostrava Castle located in the Czech Republic!
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    Exploring the Magnificent Lake Balaton in Hungary!

    Lake Balaton is the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe and a major holiday destination in Hungary. Stretching nearly 80km long and covering over 600 square km, this stunning lake has countless coves, beaches and resort towns along its shores.
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    Čakovec Castle: The Zrinski Family's Renaissance Stronghold!

    Čakovec Castle or Zrinski Castle is a castle in Čakovec, northern Croatia. It is situated at an altitude of 170 m. The castle is located in Zrinski Park, not far from the city's central square. It was built in the 13th century by Count Dimitrius Csáky, after whom the city of Čakovec is named. It...
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    Exploring the Majestic Castle of Varaždin - Croatia's Hidden Gem!

    The Old Town Castle of Varaždin (Stari Grad) is first mentioned in the 12th century and it is believed to have been the centre of Varaždin county life. The Castle has seen many changes in ownership and has been restored and reconstructed multiple times over the centuries. The castle was first...
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    Galesnjak! Famous heart-shaped islet in Croatia!

    A masterpiece of nature, the only island with an almost perfect heart shape which, unlike many others around the world, never changes its contours, neither at low or high tide, nor during the impetuous and powerful winds of bora that hit the coastline. Galesnjak Island, also known as Lovers'...
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    Picturesque historical town of Zadar, Croatia!

    Zadar, Italian Zara, Latin Jadera, picturesque historical town in southwestern Croatia, the former capital of Dalmatia. It is located on the end of a low-lying peninsula that is separated by the Zadar Channel from the islands of Ugljan and Pašman. The inlet between the peninsula and the mainland...
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    Sunny Croatioan Lighthouse - Oštri rat!

    Ostri Rat Lighthouse is situated in Zadar. It was built in 1869 by Austro Hungarian Empire. The height of the lighthouse tower is 14.0 meters (46.0 feet). The focal height is 14.0 meters (46.0 feet). The nominal range of the main light is 15.0 nautical miles (28.0 kilometers).
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    Your own personal Jesus! Hill of Crosses!

    Desecrated but never destroyed, set on fire but never burned down, the Hill of Crosses is a potent symbol of faith, hope, and freedom. And for pilgrims, it is another must-visit location in Lithuania. The Hill of Crosses near Šiauliai is a hill covered with thousands of wooden crosses. During...
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    Magnificent Ptuj Castle in Slovenia!

    Ptuj’s castle hill, which offers far-reaching views, was already settled during the Neolithic age, from the 5th millennium BC onwards. In the ancient Poetovio, important public buildings stood on the hill, and in the early Middle Ages the area was used as a burial ground. The remains of the...
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    Castle by the lake - Birini!

    The Birini Castle, built in 1860 on the hill next to Lake Birini, is admired for its elegant and expressive outline. Architect Friedrich Wilhelm Hess designed the castle. The building’s overall architectural style can be classified as Neo-Gothic but its interior design is in the Neo-Renaissance...
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    Standing above Vienna - Castle Liechtenstein! Austria

    The Liechtenstein Castle, situated on the southern edge of the Vienna Woods, family seat of the Prince of Liechtenstein, is not a museum in the traditional sense, but a while steeped in history, but also very lively place, which annually attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. In...
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    KRKA National Park, Croatia

    Host to a wide range of wildlife, this nature reserve along the lower Krka River is known for its pristine waterfalls. Hop on a 25-minute ferry ride from the entrance to reach the Skradinski buk waterfall—the park’s main attraction. You won’t get to swim at this waterfall, but you can join a...
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    Only 132 Steps to a Bird‘s-Eye View...

    Nida Lighthouse has had two lives: the first lasted from its construction in 1874 until the end of the Second World War, and the second began during the Soviet era, in 1953, with the construction of the 29-metre-high lighthouse that still stands today. At the birth of the lighthouse, the hill...
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    The story of Dead Dunes!

    BUILT BY WINDS AND SEA currents, the Curonian Spit is a ribbon of sand separating the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. The barrier bar has been designated a national park by both Lithuania and Russia. As a protected area within a protected area, the Dead Dunes are one of the most dramatic...