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  1. Eyewingsuit

    What defines commercial?

    Couldn't agree more. I found this site looking for other 333 and already-cert'd 107. My employment is UAV 110% of the day, and it truly gets tiring reading/finding so many "how far can you fly your Phantom?" posts. Distance isn't something I care about in the least. I'd love to see a...
  2. Eyewingsuit

    Need Help Drone Deploy

    It also works with the 3DR Solo. Mission Planner or Tower work fine too, although sometimes the geotags seem to be kludgy
  3. Eyewingsuit

    How are you doing commercial work without a pilot license?

    Michael Bay chose a small drone for production in 13 hours. He wanted a drone that was consumable in the event the explosives in the scene blew it off course. There are at least 3 minutes of 3DR solo and GoPro in the new movie. As written on Facebook yesterday "For those who did not already...
  4. Eyewingsuit

    What defines commercial?

    Admittedly new to this forum, but not new to aviation either in UAV, manned aircraft, and skydiving (where much of 107 was lifted from 105). Valuable consideration; did anyone benefit in ANY WAY other than ego? If you're promoting someone else' business but got paid nothing, you still...