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    Camera on a pole beneath quadcopter for underwater shots

    Hi, I'm trying to find some footage that I think I saw on here years ago. It was an amazing shot where a quadcopter had a pole mounted beneath it, and a camera/gimbal on the end of the pole, so that the shot could transition from above water to below water. I can't find it anywhere despite...
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    DJI Zenmuse z15 Bmpcc Problems

    Hi, How did you resolve this? Thanks, Tom
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    Video signal directly from Zenmuse Z15-GH4

    The gimbal has a switch on it "AV / HD". The AV mode is (I assume) composite analogue video. I'm interested in the HD signal going into the Lightwave. According to the Lightwave's specs, the whole signal chain is digital, so the HDMI signal from the camera must be being converted into a 2 pin...
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    Video signal directly from Zenmuse Z15-GH4

    Does anyone know the format of the video signal delivered out of the Zenmuse into the Lightbridge? The camera itself is connected by HDMI, but the signal into the Lightbridge is on two pins only. Is it converted from HDMI within the circuit boards underneath the zenmuse? Has anyone analysed...
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    hello from Poland ;)

    Hi Peter, What are the rules around flying multirotors in Poland? If you have time, could you post a link to the relevant web pages? Thanks, Tom
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    Wookong LED modules - three in a row faulty?

    Hi all, Wonder if you have any suggestions. We have been having multiple problems with Wookong LEDs not working correctly. They usually work ok for a few weeks, then one colour stops working, either intermittently or completely. Initially we thought it was a dodgy LED unit, so we bought...
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    International filming with multirotors

    I was thinking it would be very useful to have a thread where users could post there experiences of filming with multi-rotors in different countries. If you're willing to play along, please add your experiences. Below are some questions to get you started: Which country are you based in...
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    GH2 reliable hack packs?

    I was using a Class 4 SD card - no wonder I was having trouble... Got a class 10, and seems ok now. Many thanks! T
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    GH2 reliable hack packs?

    Hi, Any recommendations for *reliable* hack packs for the Panasonic GH2 camera on the ZenMuse? I've tried a few, but the high-bitrates often result in card-write errors (using Class 10 cards). I'd like: 25 fps progressive 1920x1080 resolution The highest possible bitrate for reliable writing to...
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    NAZA LED only ever green?

    Hi.. I'm using a NAZA v1 on a F450 flame wheel. The status LED (V-SEN unit) only ever flashes green, despite the craft being placed into different modes (I have verified that the craft is switching modes correctly, using the assistant software). I've never seen anything other than green flashes...
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    Hi from Istanbul with love ;)

    Merhaba Kerem! Do you know what the rules are in Turkey about flying multi-rotors for filming? Thinking about filming in Turkey in the future. Many thanks, and good luck with your projects.
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    ZenMuse Z15-G video output has no colour

    Solved this. For anyone else out there, if you have a Panasonic GH-2, and having trouble, try making sure that you can set the HDMI output to PAL mode. Ours was bought from the US, so we had to hack it using the Flowmotion settings available here. Once we did that, PAL was an option in the...
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    ZenMuse Z15-G video output has no colour

    I should add, the camera is in 1080i mode...
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    ZenMuse Z15-G video output has no colour

    Hi, We've recently purchased an S800 with a ZenMuse Z15-G, and a Panasonic GH2 Camera. When we connect from the AV port of the Zenmuse directly to a monitor, we can see a video image, but it is scrolling, and the colour information is wrong (red and green offset, and the image is mostly...
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    NAZA Failsafe question

    Sorry I should have mentioned - I don't have the GPS option. I've checked the behavior of the NAZA in the software, and it appears to return to return to a sensible landing setting in software at least, but it's hard to tell on the ground whether it will compensate for any accelerations whilst...
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    NAZA Failsafe question

    Hi. When the Naza loses TX, or the user flips the flight switch to failsafe, the craft is supposed to land automatically. We tested this today with our Flamewheel F-450, and it appeared to work... We gained some height, went into a static hover, then flipped the failsafe, and it landed in a...