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  1. Jason S

    Construction/Development Photography with Laser altimeter to the cm!

    To anybody who is interested I recently added a laser altimeter to my old radian gimbal for my work. We do Construction/Development Photography or Balcony shots of high rise buildings so we need something super accurate. I finally made it happen it reads to the cm!! I have attached a...
  2. Jason S

    Live data "Sonar Range" from MinimOSD?

    Hey Everybody, I bought a SF11/C laser altimeter and attached to my bird. I want to get the live data from the Laser to a FPV screen. I have attached to a pixhawk then to a MinimOSD to the get the data but cannot see it. The data can be read as sonar range but none of the config tools have...
  3. Jason S

    Freefly Alta 8 just saw this looks another cool toy from freefly yours only for $17,495.00
  4. Jason S

    Spectrum Analyzer the rf explorer

    Hey Guys, So i bought a RF explorer recently Does anyone one own one? can give me a few pointers on how to set-it up. looking for 2.4g and 1.3ghz range I thought this would add a bit of extra safety to our...