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  1. Jason S

    preferred drone for HDMI output?

    My idea would buy a Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced or Phantom 4/Phantom 4 Pro/Adv then buy a DJI HDMI module. how to this maybe the easy way. If you want to go with better cameras you need a bigger drone then buy a hdmi...
  2. Jason S

    Drone Build

    i would ask the pixhawk forum this forum is almost dead
  3. Jason S

    Need Help! Motors stop when pitched

    I dont know what dji drone you flying but in the firmware there are condition which it defines as “emergencies” and if an “emergency” occurs the programming is designed to cut the motors. Some known “emergencies” are if there is a motor obstruction and the motor is unable to rotate freely the FC...
  4. Jason S

    Burned circuit board

    Those dragonfly motors are one -off types motors you cant find them anywhere
  5. Jason S

    Burned circuit board

    wow that heli is old as hell 10yrs or something?? You might be better trying source one from dragonfly or just buy a new one that similar spec to the x6 one. repairing motors is not worth the effort you could try though
  6. Jason S

    Leash question

    yes we have one. Made by a japanese company it may work for your needs? basically a fishing line attached its a little dangerous
  7. Jason S

    HS120D help

    it wont get gps signal if the drone cant see the sky. If you flying in your garage it was probably in manual mode making it harder to fly if your just starting out. the best way to check if your controller is ok and you have control is to either get a friend to hold it in the air start the...
  8. Jason S

    Wobble Wobble

    Im not good with pixhawk but the best way is to upload a video here is youtube then post the link. Have you tried different props 2 blades vs the 3 blades it may be causing something that i cant see?
  9. Jason S

    Wobble Wobble

    wheres the video? pictures? yes it needs to be tuned. props balanced etc.
  10. Jason S

    New Drone Pilot

    check out this video.
  11. Jason S

    NAZA M V2!!!

    sounds like usb problem not from the naza itself but those naza are very touchy
  12. Jason S

    Need Help Choosing a Drone for Covid-19 Response Programme

    7.5kgs is a heavy payload for any drone to carry 6 miles. ALTA X could carry it easy enough safely but i dont think it could make the distance even a full throttle. plus i wouldnt want to fly a big drone over people etc its just far to risky. Even good fpv systems struggle after 6-7kms range...
  13. Jason S

    Buying my first GPS drone. Have a question about altitude.

    set your RTH height point as max if possible most of those cheaper drones will come home but will attempt at the same height it was flying at so if was down at the bottom of the cliff and rth activated it would fly into the cliff.
  14. Jason S

    Buying my first GPS drone. Have a question about altitude.

    if you fly a drone into a covered airspace it will lose gps signal and go into manual or crash be careful
  15. Jason S

    Need Help! Only static in fpv goggles.

    i dont know what googles your using but sometimes you just need to change the settings in the googles from av to hdmi or pal or ntsc something similar??
  16. Jason S

    Need Help! Video Ballroom dance couple - unattended?

    you could do something outside with a drone using point of interest but inside would be a challenge without gps. the drone operator only needs to hide somewhere so we can still have control and fly without being seen. inside its risky you would need a skilled fpv pilot to pull something like...
  17. Jason S

    How much time needed for self build kit?

    there no way you can self build a drone with sensors etc like dji for $99. The best way to start is probably with dji 450 or 550 easy enough to put together and solder. But there are so many good drones already pre-built that around that price why would diy unless you up for a challenge...
  18. Jason S


    yes you certainly can you just a need a fpv camera or any camera connect it to transmitter say fat shark for example then to transmitter on your drone. then you need a receiver and connect it to your tv/ monitor done!
  19. Jason S


    yes very depends on the model of craft though some drones come with the monitor built into the controller pretty cool