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  1. betty

    Influence of the RC Industry Caused by Cobalt Price Increase

    Cobalt price has been dramatically raised since 2017. Due to the intense demand and supply relationship, Cobalt price still seem to increase in the next two years. Cobalt is the most important raw material in RC batteries. Cobalt Price Raising Trend Tight supplies continued to push cobalt...
  2. betty

    Discussion May be the cheapest 4K Camera Drone

    Automatically Following, Camera, Forward/backward, FPV, Gravity Sense Control, Low-voltage Protection, One Key Automatic Return, One Key Landing, One Key Taking Off, Point of Interest, Selfie, Turn left/right, Up/down, Voice control, WiFi Connection.
  3. betty

    Discussion May be the cheapest 4K Camera Drone

    What price do you think the cheapest 4K Carema Drone should be? In my opinion, it is the cheapest Wingsland S6 Pocket Selfie RC Drone WiFi With 4K UHD Camera. It is $130 and Free Shipping for a new one.
  4. betty

    Discussion What's your opinion?

    What your opinion about Gens Ace Charging Safeguard?
  5. betty

    Daughters first phantom flight. Me playing with my homemade quadcopter.

    Geat. Enjoy your flying with your daughter. :)
  6. betty

    Need Help! Goggles?

    Most people would suggest Fatshark Goggles.
  7. betty

    What drone to get

    Building by yourself will be hard if you have no friends help you. Better buy RTF one.
  8. betty

    What happens if use Li-Po battery at max c-rating???

    You can try. Your battery will be puff soon.
  9. betty

    What battery is great for S1000

    You could also choose Tattu 22000mAh 6S for longer flight time.
  10. betty

    VIFLY R130 - 130mm racing drone compatible with 4S battery

    So Tattu 850mah 45C 3S can be used on it?
  11. betty

    20 Year old drone photographer creates art with drones

    ;):), I thought they were from you.
  12. betty

    Firework Germany

    Wow, so beautiful from this viewpiont.
  13. betty

    What the difference between Transmitter and Receiver?

    Thanks a lot for the detailed information.
  14. betty

    New to drones..Business plans? Advice?

    It is may be a good business.
  15. betty

    cheap batteris

    Cheap batteries usually sag quickly.
  16. betty

    Which drone for Real Estate?

    How about Xiaomi mi drone 4K Drone?