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  1. xander1990

    Portofino, GoPro Million Dollar Challenge MDC21 WINNER | FPV views of the Dolce Vita

    Hello to everybody! I'm part of Fpvflow, an Italian crew that just made the cut to the GoPro '21 MDC with an fpv video. I wanted to share with you all the full edit of the video, hoping you'll enjoy it
  2. xander1990

    Fatshark HDO2 Ipd issue

    Hello pilots! So after months of practicing and searching for them I finally got Fatsharks. Now come the problems: The first time I tried them I was at home, with the drone on the bench. Turned them on and saw an amazing full and clear image. Went out in the garden, turned them on again, but...
  3. xander1990

    Opinion on YT channel

    Hello to all, fellow pilots! I began flying a couple of weeks ago and I was told by the friend who built my quad, who happens to have a YT channel, that if I improve fast enough I can start posting my videos on their channel. I was wondering, just out of curiosity, what do you guys think about...
  4. xander1990

    Hi from Italy

    Hello fellow pilots! Just wanted to check in and say hi, I'm Italian and I've been piloting drones for quite some time, but I'm new to Fpv. A friend of mine introduced me to Fpv some time ago and I watched him as he was soldering my first drone. After many months of work due to covid it was...