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  1. Darson Hall

    We are looking for members opinions

    That's an interesting rig, what is it/components?
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    Getting ready to fire up!

    How about some cold weather/winter flying tips or ideas?
  3. Darson Hall

    Sleepy Reviews - DRONE VLOG 9 - TUNING N FLYING - INSIGHT PT 2

    Haha! Yeah. How many coffee mugs u got? Love that Panama one...
  4. Darson Hall

    DroneVibes Drone Giveaway Contest! What drone should we award as the prize?

    Vulcan Mantis Y6. Crack out the soldering iron and build!
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    Show what you filmed - Post Your Video Here

    Trying a little vehicle chasing.
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    XAircraft Is Xaircraft Technical support gone? I need help.

    This happened once while flying the Super X. I landed, shut everything down, re-started and it was gone. But might be a good idea to get this file while it's still out there. If you wouldn't mind, please send it. Thanks.
  10. Darson Hall

    What are your go-to sites for parts?

    Didn't see it listed but I've used Good prices and the best customer service/support I've ever experienced. They don't have everything. One-stop-shopping just doesn't seem to be anywhere that I've found but I enjoy the smaller shops anyway, always better service.
  11. Darson Hall

    XAircraft SuperX on heavy lifter

    Thanks. So in your experience would you say it's a useful feature for aerial video or introduces vibrations and is too locked in to be desirable?
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    XAircraft SuperX on heavy lifter

    So what are the benefits/differences with active braking? (I've heard of it but have no idea what it can do for you). Thanks
  13. Darson Hall

    Need Help Drone Deploy

    Nice 3rd party overview. Seems limited to Phantom/Inspire if you want to use the mission planner.
  14. Darson Hall

    No more mapping section?

    Okay highlighting would work. What main category is it in? Thanks
  15. Darson Hall

    No more mapping section?

    Now that is very cool. Sub-forum for 3D mapping for sure!
  16. Darson Hall

    XAircraft Long Time Since I've Checked In - what's new with XA?

    That's disturbing. I've been twirling around with my Vulcan SX and a Mini X on a little rig. No issues. Any warning signs/things to watch out for or do they just surprise you? I hate those kind of surprises.
  17. Darson Hall

    ND filter set for GoPro Hero 3 Silver Check these out. Polar Pro makes them. They work great. Counter balance the gimbal (I use coins with velcro) One on the back of the H3-3D gimbal and another just behind the tilt motor. When not using the filters remove...
  18. Darson Hall

    Calling Mr. Benjamin Kenobe

    I'm sure Ben's hiding in a cave somewhere waiting for this day to be over.
  19. Darson Hall

    2015 NAB News: Blackmagic Micro Cinema Cam, Tiny, Drone-Specific Super16 RAW Camera

    Not an endorsement just passing along something I found: