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  1. MadMonkey

    Editor on mobile site is borked

    Like, way borked. I was just posting a classified ad and had a lot of text input issues. The next sentence will be "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" but without any corrections: thetquickqbrowntfox jumpedjoverjthe lazyldog It's like instead of adding a space it's adding the first...
  2. MadMonkey

    For Sale NIB DJI Naza V2

    Brand new straight from DJI. Hasn't been pulled out of the package, plugged in or anything. All parts included. Asking $135 shipped. PayPal only, shipping only to CONUS/HI/AK. Thanks for looking! :) I have feedback on RCG if you need it.
  3. MadMonkey


    I've sent in several things as well, no bad experiences so far. I'm about to send in a Naza V2.
  4. MadMonkey

    Commercial Operations of sAUS in the US now Legal

    Did I miss something? I haven't heard anything about thermal being disallowed...
  5. MadMonkey

    Commercial Operations of sAUS in the US now Legal

    What are our options as far as volunteering/contracting with law enforcement or emergency services (such as fire)? That's something I've been interested in but haven't really looked into the laws on it. Fire and LE could really make use of a quickly-deployed eye in the sky that is cheap to operate.
  6. MadMonkey

    DJI MAVIC PRO Give-A-Way

  7. MadMonkey

    DJI MAVIC PRO Give-A-Way

    Sooo... Who won? :)
  8. MadMonkey

    DJI MAVIC PRO Give-A-Way

    I'd go back here (Greenland). I also want to visit Iceland again. Both would be incredible subjects for aerial work. Shared on Facebook :)
  9. MadMonkey

    Shift : A Revolutionary Drone Controlling System.

    I can see some potential for it in certain applications.
  10. MadMonkey

    We are looking for members opinions

    So far I'm fairly happy, but traffic is so low that I don't spend much time here.
  11. MadMonkey

    Discussion What "drones" do you own?

    I used to fly helicopters but it never really clicked with me, I lost interest. I fly mostly fixed wing. I have a Tarot FY650, Phantom 2 Vision+, F450, Blackout, a couple of micros... that's actually it right now not counting the work birds which I fly but don't belong to me. Hoping to add an...
  12. MadMonkey

    Discussion Poll. Preferred lighting standard for part 107 aircraft

    Yeah, I won't go into detail but I had to spend an hour and a half in a prop trailer doing LED soldering and mounting due to an unexpected need for a shoot during a certain time of day. Without the lights for orientation it would have been pretty much impossible (though I didn't use red and...
  13. MadMonkey

    Wanna get into racing

    I always take "indestructible" as a challenge if there are no qualifying statements like "indestructible during normal use" :D
  14. MadMonkey

    Controllers with video screens

    To my knowledge there are no Phantom-compatible controllers with a built in screen. Your best bet might be to buy a used or refurbished tablet or phone to dedicate to that purpose.
  15. MadMonkey

    Discussion Poll. Preferred lighting standard for part 107 aircraft

    For fixed wing it makes sense, but multirotors are going to be flying in every direction (although primarily forward) and tend to be smaller. I think orientation will be a lot more important for the operator than for other traffic in that case. But we'll probably end up with the FAA standard...
  16. MadMonkey

    Discussion Poll. Preferred lighting standard for part 107 aircraft

    I kinda prefer the DJI method. It took me years to figure out port and starboard, it'll be even longer to get red left green right straight in my head.
  17. MadMonkey

    Dronvibes Giveaway! Castle Creations DMR Multirotor Controllers

    Only pic I have of my first one, which I bought from a coworker while I was contracting in Afghanistan. Some kind of Gaui. Another coworker had brought it over to play with, but when he left the country he sold it to a different coworker claiming that it was "plug and play" (it was most...
  18. MadMonkey

    Tarot FY650 yaw problem

    I definitely considered a motor problem, but in non-yaw movements (climbing, roll, pitch) the motors respond correctly and the maneuverability is perfectly snappy. Then I swapped to other motors and ESCs, and had the exact same issue with motors that work fine on my F450 frame.
  19. MadMonkey

    Tarot FY650 yaw problem

    I finally got my Naze Acro installed and working (should have been WAY easier than it was... *sigh*). I did a quick test hop in the living room, but the yaw is so slow (stock settings) that I can't really tell if the problem is still there. Hopefully I can get it outside in the next couple of...