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    Newbie from Hertfordshire United Kingdom

    Hey Craig. Are you still flying in the Herts area? I'm on the look out for commercial pilots to sub-contract to. Appreciate this is an old thread. Many thanks, Ben
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    F450, F550, Hertfordshire, UK

    Hey Phil. Bit of an old thread but thought I'd chance my luck :) I'm seeing what pilots are available in my area that have PtFCO for my start-up. You mentioned you were getting into the aerial filming game... Let me know if it's of any interest. All the best, Ben
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    U.K. Pilots

    I'm building up a crew of pilots across the UK for commercial opps. If you're loookg for work, you're CAA approved and have the mandatory PfCO then msg me with your location, rate and an overview of your experience. Many thanks, Ben
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    Drone Builder / Technician needed for Paid work

    Afternoon chaps. I looking for an experienced drone builder / technician to help grow and mod my fleet. I based in Hertfordshire, have a workshop and can pay per hour or on production milestones. Let me know if you can help!