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    Discussion TOPSKY: A FPV giveaway!![0]=68.ARCPyMAU1nPe21L6i8Mo_nax2u4mdqlaNlbpDs5u25TqZTU1qQBxCPti_hmOhstkCQs-shqyfXnNOpHmL-BdrRxn7tJLV2MAur3Cqu7-X_RgJ-zl6ZO46p7Hz_RKV35m8AFg6GrgKWhBZVlUMyDO0mB88Jh6B1gANf8nAdMZcaQz9MVIuNjokDKxAgSIZq3oidx0W5LAVJl-WyAfLj_oC6dveRy8ZTEr3...
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    Discussion TOPSKY: A FPV giveaway!!

    The new and upgraded Prime2. We listened to all the customer feedback to improve and update your flight experience! Although it is a peaceful planet, there are places full of violence and war. With our may event we would like to help the UN to raise money and help people in need. Every time...
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    Topsky make a giveaway FPV watch
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    Do You Use FPV Goggles?

    Planning on getting into FPV flying? Then you might need some new FPV goggles in 2018:
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    Need Help! Goggles?

    I like Topsky f7x v2, the 42 FOV and 720p resolution are very attractive.