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    Looking for help and opinions before purchasing a drone.

    actually, I think the parts on banggood is really expensive, like battery, on the Ampow you could find a much cheaper one for you, as a beginner, it may not cost too much, (we are always crash as a newbie););)
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    a nice build

    of course, it's great.
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    a nice build

    new guy with ovonic fpv lipo battery, have a great punch, just $18.99, great deal
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    Wingsland S6 Drone Black Version

    wingsland s6 black and orange version, $99 free shipping , have a try?
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    Tattu Funfly is Coming

    Funfly, the new lovely member of Tattu family, specially designed for daily training and freestyle. Are you tired of the pressures of the racing scene? All you need is to find a nice quiet spot at a local park or an open area to start your training. With its stable performance, you can...
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    Really Great Landscape Of flight

    nidici kun 5.5, matek-ctr, betaflight 3.5, xfire, fpv af 2507 2200kv, gemfan 6x4.2x3, ovonic 1550mah 4s.