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  1. jamesb72

    Need Help! Drones for Gopro Session?

    Gopro session are mainly used on miniquads so not for smooth video. Most video quads come with cameras now as its lighter/easier to integrate camera with gimbal so best results/cost will be something like dji spark or mavic air.
  2. jamesb72

    Looking to upgrade motors

    Higher kv will spin faster for same voltage so either motors will need different props. I'm guessing your running 9x4 approx for 4s with 920kv so that is pretty optimal for f450 frame so changing motors and props will probably need bigger esc and frame - which is a whole new quad. There are...
  3. jamesb72

    FPV Camera help

    There are lots of integrated camera/transmitters and all will work on fatshark frequencies, I've used the FX797T which is a VA1100 clone, but there are lots of newer ones around so check best price/availability in your country. This is just an example...
  4. jamesb72

    Futaba to Taranis

    I would also double check you have the stick directions correct, as that will stop arming (and make flying very difficult), I haven't done a setup for ages, but remember it wasn't that easy to work out which way left/right/up/down should be on the sliders, so worth double checking manual.
  5. jamesb72

    Futaba to Taranis

    Have you completed transmitter calibration in Naza assistant and confirmed each stick covers full channel range, as to arm with sticks down/in you need full travel on all 4 channels (probably why they chose this, as its a last minute check you have channels calibrated), so if one is only getting...
  6. jamesb72

    Ran my brushless motors under water (video)

    Years ago we raced rc cars with brushed motors and would always run them underwater to clean and reseat brushes then oil. Only issues with brushless motors would be to properly dry and reoil bearings carefully. With rc heli bearings once you oil them you have to repeat regularly as it washes out...
  7. jamesb72

    Discussion What's your opinion?

    I think the idea is this is secondary protection. Its fairly common to set wrong cell type or count on charger which this should detect and cutoff before you over voltage the pack which can cause swelling/pack damage or potentially fire. Also if charger has a fault and continues to charge...
  8. jamesb72

    Battery Manteinance: discharge

    Re discharging most chargers have very low power rating for discharge ie 5w. You can use light bulb rigs or dedicated dischargers to discharge batteries more quickly i have this one but there are other more diy versions with separate light bulbs.
  9. jamesb72

    Replacement for Hero GoPro 4K

    Video quality in 1080 i found pretty close to hero3 black and they are a fraction of the price and both have eis stabilisation which works well.
  10. jamesb72

    Replacement for Hero GoPro 4K

    I have used firefly 6s and git2 cameras both have analogue video out on gopro connector and are very inexpensive. Git2 has lcd screen but 6s uses hero3 batteries and both fit gopro waterproof enclosure.
  11. jamesb72

    Training for Hobbyists

    I would check for a bmfa model flying club near you as they will almost certainly have members flying multi rotors and can help both with flying practice and regs.
  12. jamesb72

    Flying two identical miniature drones

    Almost all the mini drones use 2.4ghz radio for control and auto select channels much like wifi so will not interfere with each other so you should be fine to fly two at once. Some will pick a channel when powered on so you need to switch one on and wait for solid led on remote then power the...
  13. jamesb72

    Need Help! Selecting an editing product for PC and emailing

    Movie maker is a good thing to try first as it's free. Sorry but you cannot compress video files as they are already compressed into mp4 etc so the only way to email videos is by downscaling to very low quality. Much better to upload video to youtube as unlisted and email a link so receiver...
  14. jamesb72

    Need Help! Testing motor direction question?

    You can test esc/motor with a servo tester - well worth getting as they are only a few bucks on ebay, and are really useful for all sorts of things where you want to check or troubleshoot servo's and ESC's seperate from Rx/FC.
  15. jamesb72

    What the difference between Transmitter and Receiver?

    The controller you hold (ie the Phantom 3 adv/pro or Phantom 4 controller) is both a transmitter and receiver (transceiver), it transmits control signals and receives video and telemetry back from model. The model also has a combined receiver (receiving the control signals from pilot) and...
  16. jamesb72

    What the difference between Transmitter and Receiver?

    In the old days the rc transmitter you held was just transmitting and the receiver in the model just received those signals and controlled the model. Nowadays both the handheld controller and modek both transmit and receive so the handheld part is transmitting control information and receiving...
  17. jamesb72

    Need Advice: FPV range w/TS832&GOPRO 4 is < 100M on TAROT 680 PRO

    80m is way too little for current setup so it must be something fairly basic. How much range is just guessing but should be a lot more than 80m and should go fuzzy well before signal drops completely so that suggests something basic. Having multiple sets of vtx/vrx is invaluable for...
  18. jamesb72

    Need Advice: FPV range w/TS832&GOPRO 4 is < 100M on TAROT 680 PRO

    Have you double checked your antennae are correct sma/rp-sma one side should have a pin the other a hole so they connect correctly. I have seen people with really short range due to this (hole both sides) it can also damage vtx. Secondly do you have another vtx to test against in case yours is...
  19. jamesb72

    How good is Naze32 Altitude hold?

    Altitude hold uses barometer so will never be very accurate especially die to turbulence around quad. Phantom 3/4 use ultrasonic sensors so are much more accurate holding height under 30ft and above that barometer is good enough. For miniquad imho you should not use altitude hold and just...
  20. jamesb72

    Drone Collides with Passenger Jet

    Sadly as with all these events there is mass media reporting of the original 'story', and then a few weeks/months later very quietly it turns out to be nothing to do with multirotors, but that will never get reported, and the media and public continue to believe that collisions with full scale...