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    Complete wiring

    Just a quick update....The Minim OSD Mavlink (the one without the extra connections on the side) came with the links for using the same power on both halves, already connected as a PC track. I actually wanted to feed the two halves separately as shown in the diagram, but I reverted to the...
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    Need Help! Desperate Newbie seeks assistance.

    In that situation I would buy a stock and dye set. Unfortunately they are all of one direction threading, unless you can source a reverse threading dye. From that you could add thread to the motor shaft and make a simple nut and thread that too. I would take a nut drill it and rethread it. The...
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    Need Help! Calculate the maximum theoretical thrust.

    I saw a table some where, with props sizes, and motors, with the lifts. I would imagine one could select your combinantion from that? Hope this helps?
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    Completely new to building. Will this work?

    You have a 4 channel Frsky controller, and if you are going to expand your system to include a camera Gimbal, then you will need a few more channels. I dont know if the frsky controller can go up to 12 channels like the Flysky FE-i6S can when you program it for PPM mode? I found the Flysky a bit...
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    Motor and ESC question

    From the total weight one will select prop size, and then a motor to drive the props. I have seen various sites giving props sizes and motors showing the lift. You need to estimate the weight, compare to a commercial quadcopter, see what they use, and work from there.
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    Complete wiring

    You will need 10 channels on your controller, most controllers can be set up for PPM and 9 & 10 assigned to tilt and roll. (On the controller) Some controllers have LCD screens making it easy to set up like Flysky FS-i6s. To set up the apm you will need mission planner, download and run in...
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    Complete wiring

    I did post this diagram some time ago, but the minim OSD wiring was not clear, and the power for the camera gimbal was not indicated. Just check your modules, and the colours of the wires dont seem to be a standard, so one has to look at the individual connections. Also I mentioned that the...
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    Need Help! First Drone Build Help

    I have a flysky tx and rx, and I am just wondering if you dont have to go through the same procedure. I have to short out two pins on the reciever then switch on the transmitter, the two then bind, The flashing led (I forget its colour) becomes a steady light. One can now switch off, and when...
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    Completely new to building. Will this work?

    I wouldnt change the firmware, they normally advertise that they do have the latest firmware when getting the FC, you will just need to allocate flight modes switches. The APM has 12 fllight modes and I only can use 6?
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    Completely new to building. Will this work?

    I am using the Matek PDB, it also has OSD. Thinking it would have a port to the FC to pick up other data, but it doesnt. It only gives battery voltage and time lapse. There is a list somewhere re props verses motor size, and battery voltage. I suppose you got those from there? Just check the...
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    Power supply

    Hi there, you didnt mention the capacity of the existing battery. But besides that, you must measure the amount of space you have for the battery, then go to Banggood or Gearbest, see what they have to offer, and the size. As long as you stick to the same voltage you can raise the a/h say from...
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    Power supply

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    Help!!! All 8 motors of quad co-axial multi-rotor drone stopped spinning in mid-air

    I am not familiar with your setup, but most systems have supplies for the electronics and a supply for the ESC's. Although one does derive the power for the electronics from the same battery. The battery goes direct to ESC's but there is a feed off to a regulator that gives the 5v for the...
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    My Drone has lost power? (WLtoys v686g)

    I just wonder, it must be something in common with all motors, or the drive behind the motors. The latter is hardly likely, as there are separate outputs from the FC to the ESC's. If the Oscillator for the CPU in the FC has dropped in frequency (Bad connection or faulty component) then the...
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    Wiring Diagram

    I dont know if this will help anybody, but here is all information added to one page. It would be pertinent to check your connections for any other modules that you might have, not shown here. It is a wise thing to have such a diagram in front of you when building up anything, and mark each...
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    New here and New to Drones

    I have seen quite a few quad copters in that price range. I would suggest you get a proper transmitter/controller, with whatever you buy. Wifi has a limited range, and if you use your cell phone as a controller, you wont be able to fly far. Besides you could add a wifi camera. The frequencies...
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    Need Help! F450 naza m lite at9 Motor issue

    That is a bit difficult to try figure out? Either you have too much weight, or the wrong props on the wrong motors. It happened to me too! lol. Otherwise it sounds like you have full revs on the motors.
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    FPV ...perspective?

    It all looks so simple, add a camera and get a pair of goggles and off you go! Now when you look at the screen, everything is seen in another perspective, distances are exaggerated and nearness too! So to get a better feel for this thing, I used as carboard box and a lens, put the receiver...
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    Expert needed

    You dont mention what expertise a person has to have? Electronics, flying, designing systems or what ever.