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    My first 2 drones were cheap for that reason. less than $50 each. Getting used to the flying perspective and direction is definitely the most challenging aspect as a newbie imo. What other drones did order?
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    I used a ladder and was able to get mine out. What are your impressions of the H73? what others are you waiting on? I'm waiting on my SJRC F11 pro. It'll be my first GPS drone.
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    A total beginner seeks guidance

    I’m definitely a newb but I’ll try to answer based in the research I’ve done. Others feel free to correct where I am wrong. For streaming video the drones create their own WiFi so you don’t need to be on a network for that. You’ll communicate with the drone using its own WiFi. I think it’s...
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    Buying my first GPS drone. Have a question about altitude.

    Jason, Thanks for weighing in. I really doubt ill take it into a covered air space, but I will be flying it off the edge of a cliff that overlooks the beach. Depending on location it will vary from a few feet to 1500 feet. If i have any issues an attempt to return to home or land automatically...
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    Is GPS really necessary for a beginner & your suggestions

    Scobahcan, As you learned with the small drones wind is an issue and can require constant tweaking to get them to stabilize or track. GPS drones will definitely be more stable as far as positioning goes, but youll still need to be able to control it when flying etc. Ive heard good things about...
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    Buying my first GPS drone. Have a question about altitude.

    SInce I lost confidence trying to fix my X5uw at the moment I decided to take the money from fixing that and going with a GPS Drone. the SJRC F11 Pro Based on what I saw from reviews like that from BillM it seems to be a great drone for the money. I definitely like that it seems fast and easy to...
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    buying advice for new drone

    Hey kevin, I was in your shoes a few months ago and took the advice MJW is giving. I bought a cheap drone to have some fun with. I had alot of RC car experience so it wasnt long before I was comfortable and ready to step it up and spend some more for a cheap brushless gps drone. If youve...
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    A total beginner seeks guidance

    Hey Larry, I am new to this as well bc of the quarantine and from what I have seen you may want to start with something a little more basic if you havent even flown. Getting into an expensive drone the first time out usually leads to some trial and error and sometimes crashes. I started with...
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    Drone Footage of open dam!!! scripture narration

    Amazing footage. What was used to make the video?
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    NEW SJRC F11 PRO Review -2.7K Camera, GPS, 5G WIFI FPV, Long flying time Quadcopter Drone

    Thank you for posting. It was great to see a side by side comparison like this.
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    Where to buy a drone – reliable & a good price

    I don't know what you're looking for but since no one replied ill chime in. I'm new to quads and wanted something small and fun for myself and my godson. I got myself a Syma X5UW off ebay and a Simrex X300c for him off amazon. Both were less than $50 an have been great to play with. The X5UW is...
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    My First Quadcopter, X5UW and I have questions.

    Since I'm home for the quarantine I decided to get myself an my godson beginner drones. I got myself a Syma X5UW and a Simrex X300c. Both have been really fun to use. They were inexpensive and perform surprisingly well for us never having flown before. My X5UW was used (supposedly a display) and...
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    SYMA X5UW upgrades

    Hey Magna Drone. Welcome. I just got mine yesterday. Its my first drone and I just joined the forum. How do you like yours? i flew mine in the basement last night and it seems fun. I'm having some issues with the camera and not sure if its normal. The video feed to my iphone is kinda jumpy...