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  1. Vermiform

    I'm probably going to hell for this one........

    Feel free to share.....................
  2. Vermiform

    APM wobble in the wind.

    I am using a micro-apm FC on my S500 quad. Today while filming in 10-ish mph winds while in Position Hold my quad did some jerky wobbles at around 100 feet. It did it during a gust and it kind of felt like a mini VRS, but I was not descending. It was in Position Hold (a GPS Loiter mode) and I'm...
  3. Vermiform

    GH3/4 Lenses

    For those of you toting a GH3 or GH4, what lens(es) do you fly the most? Why? What are your favorites for filming on the ground?
  4. Vermiform

    Recommendations for a Camera Bag and SD card?

    I just got my GH3 camera in and quickly realized I need a good camera bag for it. I also need an SD card. Any suggestions on what brands to stick with and which to stay away from? As far as lenses all I have so far is this one...
  5. Vermiform

    Why aren't there any smaller X8s?

    I'm wondering why we don't see any smaller (300-500 size) X8 multirotors. Does a smaller build get less efficient on an X8?
  6. Vermiform

    Need camera reccomendations

    I am at a crossroad right now and need some serious help. I just registered for a photography class and one of the pre-reqs is a DSLR (or similar) camera. All I am interested in is aerial photography and MORE specifically aerial VIDEO. All I have flown thus far is a gopro and that is all any of...
  7. Vermiform


    This is the first I've heard of it and want to know more. What is it, what does it mean to a pilot, what is good and what is bad?
  8. Vermiform

    Sunglasses Recommendations?

    I usually wear my polarized Oakley's (because I am a brand *****) when I RC but their size makes them a little less than ideal for flying. What are you pros wearing these days and why?
  9. Vermiform

    Lowest voltage per cell to protect batteries?

    What is the lowest voltage per cell I should fly at to maximize the life of my batteries. I just got some quality batteries in and I want to protect them. I don't want the science behind it as I have read many threads on it today on other forums. What I'm looking for is just the number that...
  10. Vermiform

    How tight should I tighten my props?

    This is my first go round with something other than self tightening props. I have some Tiger Motor MT2212-13 motors and some carbon fiber props. Is there a rule of thumb on how tight I should get the nut on top? Also, all of my threads are clockwise. Does this matter?
  11. Vermiform


    I understand that most pros use a log book to log all of their flights to keep up with maintenance, etc. What type of logbook do you use and what info do you put in it?
  12. Vermiform

    S500 Quad - Recommend battery?

    I am about to the point were I need to think on batteries. In a similar but much cheaper build, I am using a HK MultiStar High Capacity 3S 3000 mAh and I'm thinking I want to stay in that same class but maybe in a Tattu or other very reliable equivalent. The following is what I already have on...
  13. Vermiform

    X8 and Hex redundancy with pixhawk?

    I've read where several people recommend Octo, X8 or Hex for professional video because it gives some redundancy in case of ESC/Motor Failure......depending on the flight controller you use. Does the Pixhawk perform about as well as other FCs in terms of compensating and chances of getting your...
  14. Vermiform

    Anti-Vibration Tape

    What brand is best and where do you get it?
  15. Vermiform

    S500 Quad Crash - Need help with why

    This is my learning quad and my first build. Appreciate any and all advice, criticism, sarcastic comments, etc. HK S500 with a Mobius 2-axis Gimbal. Flight purpose was to test and tune 2-axis Mobius gimbal. Winds were gusting around 10 miles per hour intermittently. This is the 4th flight...
  16. Vermiform

    FPV Monitor and TX recommendations?

    I have now finished the second evolution in my personal AP training. Evolution 1 was to buy some "fun quads" and learn to fly, maintain orientation, nose in hovering, etc. One of the most important lessons I took away from this was that multi-rotors sometimes just crash...don't freak out, just...
  17. Vermiform

    Manual Mode? Atti Mode? GPS Mode?

    I thought I knew what these terms mean, but now I'm not so sure. Please correct me if I'm wrong: Manual Mode: Multirotor does not level out when aileron/rudder stick is released. Atti Mode: multirotor remains level unless input is given, but altitude is not maintained by FC. GPS Mode: Not...
  18. Vermiform

    Which FC has best loiter mode?

    My next build will be an F550 and I haven't decided on Flight Control yet. Which one has the most solid loiter mode? Price is less of a concern, but ease of setup is a big plus.